Why Jesus is Probably Coming Back Soon

The Turkish, Muslim, Persian, and Arab Invasion of Israel The world will soon see a temporary peace because of an Old Testament prophecy that is about to take place, and which the prophet Ezekiel said would occur in the latter years before the Lord comes back.  Ezekiel said that this invasion will require God’s intervention, […]

Open Letter To An Atheist

“Wait a minute. How do we know these gears evolved, as opposed to having been designed? Because we know that everything in biology evolved. And how do we know that everything evolved? Because we know that nothing was designed. Right. But how do we know that nothing was designed? Because we know everything evolved. Ah, […]

Does The Origin of Life Have Nothing to Do With Evolution?

A popular science-oriented magazine claims that “microscopic life” (i.e. bacteria, algae, etc.) … (not only) “paved the way for all later organisms” … but (in their opinion) also … “developed” (or made their own) “DNA and proteins” ….and then, after programming their own genetic codes, “They devised” (or Created) “ways of harnessing sunlight to produce” […]

Is Everyone a Child of God?

Although some might say Yes, such a view is emphatically unscriptural.  By this I mean it is diametrically opposed to the teachings of Christ, the Prophets who preceded Him, and the Apostles who followed after Him and died martyrs deaths because of what they taught and believed, and saw with there own eyes. For example, […]

Does God Send People To Hell?

Yes and No. While (according to Scripture) it is true that God can and will “send” people to Hell, He doesn’t want to, and derives NO PLEASURE from doing so.  However, because this is His Universe, and His Earth, and because He is our Creator, and because He is a Righteous God with Integrity, He will […]

Do We Need God?

According to Scripture, we ALL need God to live happy and fulfilled lives, yet when we die we will need Him even more. 1, 2  Yet some refuse to acknowledge their Creator, nor to seek Him and accept His offer of eternal life. In this regard, it is common that the more “educated” people are, the […]

Did Life Really Begin in Water?

Although water is portrayed by some “scientists” as the key to how life came to be, the fact is that water spontaneously breaks down complex molecules that living organisms need to exist: such as DNA,* RNA, proteins and their components.** For example, an article on Molecular Cloning says that: “Proteins are usually soluble in water solutions […]

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