Proof That Evolution Theory Is Not True

Proof that evolution theory is not true

Which is more Scientific: Creation + Creator, or Matter, Time & Coincidence? The following examples show that Creation is based on science. For example, did you know that …

  • Almost any monkey could be taught to press a button or flip a switch: including one that turns on a TV, or computer, or that launches a rocket; however, that does NOT (in any way) indicate, nor support the assertion, that a monkey, or team of them could — given enough TIME — design and build a TV, or Computer, or a rocket ship: even in Trillions of years.
  • Water hydrolyzes or breaks down DNA and proteins — along with their building blocks: unless they are surrounded by a protective membrane that strictly monitors and regulates what goes in and what goes out: via a program that is stored within the DNA molecule.
  • Not even one homochiralic, or life-based, protein has been observed to form by itself: apart from a pre-existing / living organism. This suggests that proteins and life both came about at the same time.
  • A mycoplasma is one of the simplest bacteria known to man. It consists of 40,000 life-based proteins of 600 different types, and has DNA, RNA, ribosomes, and a membrane. It’s also a parasite that requires a more complicated host organism to survive. And those who believe that nature made it do so by faith: since such creatures and/or their proteins have never been seen to spontaneously form, and since a lone miraculous protein — should one arise — would simply decay back to the elements from which it came: especially if water or oxygen were present.1
  • Cell phones are extremely complicated and took teams of engineers years to Design, yet they can’t divide or mate and produce baby cell phones, nor could nature by itself have created them without the aid of an outside Intelligent force or Being. The same thing could be said of all sorts of complex things that were made by intelligent beings: i.e. mankind. In other words, life is more complicated than anything man has yet to Design.
  • It’s been said that the odds of higher life forms resulting from the forces of nature are about the same as if a tornado swept through a junk yard and assembled a functional Boeing 747.
  • The ability of living things to reproduce has the markings of Design. In fact, the self-replication process is so complicated that man cannot duplicate it, much less Design or Create a synthetic ant.
  • Except for fireworks that are designed to blow up in specific ways, and then disintegrate, explosions are not known to produce order, and those who believe that we are the result of a Big Bang + Time + Energy are simply touting their faith in the Big Bang religion: a belief that something came from nothing, or that some golf-ball-sized thing exploded and produced the order and complexity that we see today.
  • Useful languages require a method of making sounds and/or writing or storing messages and a means to understand or decode what is being communicated. Human languages involve thinking, speaking, hearing, and understanding, while computer languages are created and written by intelligent programmers. Not one was the result of random natural processes. And those who suppose that the (three-dimensional) DNA language of life simply arose by itself — over millions, billions, and/or trillions of years — base their belief on speculation, imagination, and faith, rather than logic, observation, and/or science.

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Proof That Evolution Theory Is Not True
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