Proof for a Young Earth

Proof for a young earth

Some say that there isn’t any scientific evidence that the Earth is Young. Meaning that the list of things below shouldn’t even exist 

  • The Oldest Living Thing on Earth is a Bristlecone pine. It has about 4650 tree rings. This suggests it is from 4200-4650 years old. The younger age is possible because in some years trees produce two growth rings. This age for the oldest thing on Earth – that’s still aging – agrees with the time frame of Noah’s flood in Genesis: where everything not on the Ark perished. However because of earth movements after the flood, the seeds that were buried were brought to the surface and new plants and trees began to grow.
  • The Oldest Fossil Trees have about 1600 tree rings. This supports the Genesis time frame of about 1650 years from the time of Creation to the time of the flood.
  • The Oldest Recorded Date is 1870 BC (plus or minus six years). So if man has been on the Earth for tens of thousands of years, then we would expect to find various civilizations with recorded dates going back 10-20,000 years or more. The fact that we don’t suggests that the Biblical time frame is correct.
  • Carbon-14 in Coal Seams and Diamond mines: that are supposedly 200 million years old: even though no Carbon 14 should be left (in anything) after 250,000 years. This suggests that the entire “Geologic Column” – with its hundreds of millions of years – is not evidence for multiple ages, but evidence for a bunch of different things that were all buried at the same time: such as we are told occurred about 4500 years ago, via a Worldwide Flood. For more details see this detailed post about the proof of a worldwise flood.
  • Organic material in Dinosaur bones: The fact is that dinosaur bones carbon date the same age as fossil mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and Neanderthals: i.e. only thousands of years old: as opposed to millions. In this regard, dinosaur bones have been found to still retain collagen, elastin, and laminin: which should have decayed in less than 50,000 years.
  • Historical accounts of Dragons are found in cultures all over the world, as well as Dino-like artifacts. More details here.
  • Niagara Falls: Before being reinforced with concrete the Niagara River was carving a canyon (upriver from the falls) toward Lake Erie at the rate of 5-8 feet per year. Since the gorge is about seven miles long, this means that IF the rate of erosion was constant over the past, this canyon was carved in only 4000 — 7000 years. If the earth’s sedimentary strata were deposited during a Worldwide Flood, then more erosion would have occurred immediately afterward, before the sediments had time to harden. This supports the lower of these two time frames: and the time we are told that Noah’s Flood occurred.
  • Upright and Oblique Fossil Trees are very often found with their roots missing and/or broken off. Such trees are found in association with coal seams all over the world and indicate that a massive flood uprooted the world’s trees and buried them catastrophically. In addition, some trees are oblique to the strata, some still possess organic material, and the coal itself carbon dates only thousands of years old.
  • The Sun appears to be unstable. There is evidence that the sun’s magnetic field has doubled in the past 100 years: which could account for the melting of Mar’s polar ice cap. NASA also reported that the sun’s solar wind mysteriously declined to 2% of normal for several days in 1999. If the sun were billions of years old, we would not expect it be unstable but stable, or to have stable cycles; however our sun suggests that virtually anything could happen to it: including drastic variations in its brightness, as we are told will happen on (or before) the great day of the Lord: Amos 8:9; Joel 2:31; Matt. 24:29; Rev. 6:12-17. 

You can find more details and a longer list of proof of a young earth in this article.

Proof for a Young Earth
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