Is Jesus God?

Many discussions have taken place whether Jesus was more than just the son of God. And we agree. We believe Jesus is God for the following reasons: According to Psalm 50:6 “God Himself is judge,” yet according to John 5:22-23, all judgment of mankind will be by Jesus: “In order that all may honor the […]

What Will It Be Like in Heaven?

What will it be Like in God’s coming Kingdom? Will the Kingdom of God be boring, or beyond our Wildest Dreams? We have good reasons to believe that God’s Kingdom will be lots of fun and surprises, if not beyond our Wildest Dreams.  God’s Himself will also be among us, and in us. Although there […]

The Twelve Tribes of Israel

During the latter half of 2006, the early part of 2007, and again in 2009 and 2010 I have had opportunity to visit with a community of Christians who call themselves The Twelve Tribes of Israel. I have visited with them and/or attended their morning and evening worship services about 30-40 times, and have spent […]

Proof For The Old and New Testament

We are often asked about proof for the content of the old and the new testament. Here are 12 things that validate the Old and New Testaments: Archeologists who work in the Middle East use the Old and New Testaments when conducting research because they have been found to be accurate time and time again. […]

The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper is a time of solemn remembrance of what Jesus Christ did in shedding His own blood and giving up His life for all of us who believe in Him and who have made Him the Lord of our life.  Luke 22:19; I Cor. 11:25; Eph. 1:7; Heb. 10:19-39; I Cor. 16:22; Prov. […]

Why Jesus Had to Go to The Cross

Because God is the Creator, this is His Universe and His Earth; and because He Created every living thing on it — including me and you — therefore He is the rightful owner of everything. However, because He created mankind (both Man and Woman) with a FREE WILL (with the capacity to choose for ourselves […]

Are UFOs Real?

The strategy of the enemy of our souls is to try to keep us preoccupied with anything and everything but God, and our need to get right with Him in this life. This includes such things as TV, football games, video games, concerts, dancing, and all sorts of hobbies and other forms of entertainment – […]

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