How to Find Your Guardian Angel

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Who doesn’t sometimes ask himself the question – Who is my guardian angel? What is the name of my guardian angel and above all, how do I recognize my guardian angel and what is he or she trying to tell me? In this article, we’ve summarized the most important facts about guardian angels and we’ll tell you how to find your guardian angel.

Interesting facts about guardian angels

The belief in guardian angels is probably as old as mankind itself. Our ancestors were even more connected to the forces of nature, took benevolent spirits and the elements much better than we are today. The belief in angels and spirits later found its way into the great world religions. It is interesting to note that the angels around the globe are similar to each other, just as is the case with nature spirits and mythical creatures. Even in Western Christianity, the belief in personal guardian angels was deeply rooted in popular belief. Until well into the last century, it was common practice to give children artistically designed guardian angel pictures to take with them to their baptism. These pictures usually show a female looking angel being. The pictures point out further guardian spirits with nature and colour symbolism or the appearance of certain animal species.

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What is the name of my guardian angel

Do we only have one guardian angel?

Every human being has or creates with his being on earth one or even several guardian angels. Personal angels accompany a person throughout his or her life, some remain attached to a constantly returning human soul over incarnations. There are various systems, adopted from the great mystery schools as well as the Christian guardian angel faith. In the end, the world of angels and guardian angels is a gigantic cosmos of colours, harmonies and sounds, which could be described only partially with a scheme. New angels appear, others disappear. Many angelic beings are also maintained by the faith of mankind. In order to understand the world of the angels and to be able to use it for oneself, each person should find one’s own approach.

The cabbalistic system of 72 angels

The Jewish mysticism, the Kabbalah, knows 72 angels, which are divided into different categories. Archangels or other very high angelic beings watch over subordinate angel groups, but basically they all work together. Occasionally these guardian angel names are also called the “72 names of God”. This designation already indicates that the angels are creation spirits, which all correspond to a divine partial aspect. We find these angelic beings in nature and the elements, as well as in art, music and all beautiful things. They exist in other dimensions, which also have an effect on all of our lives, but are usually not consciously accessible to people. In addition, every angel has a very own being that can be called upon.

Your three guardian angels

According to the Kabbalah and many angel teachings borrowed from it, every human being is automatically given three guardian angels at the moment of birth. The date and the hour of birth decide which of these are.

First guardian angel – body and action

You can find the first angel by your birthday and a special table. An angel rules over periods of five to six days. Once you have found him, you should have found some agreement or inspiration regarding your physical presence and the way you physically appear in this world. Perhaps you have always known this – or perhaps you are experiencing a surprise!

Second guardian angel – emotions, feelings and heart

The second guardian angel is also determined by the date of birth, but this changes daily. Here too, appropriate lists help to find your own angel. His or her power can help you to get to know yourself better emotionally and gain access to your innermost emotional worlds. In our hectic times many people have forgotten to understand their own emotions. Especially sensitive people often take over the emotions of others without even noticing it. The second angel can help you to free yourself emotionally and find inner peace.

Third guardian angel – thoughts, intellect and spirit

For the third guardian angel, time is the decisive factor. Here, too, the classification follows fixed rules and the angel changes every 20 minutes. He works essentially through your intellect and helps you to control your mind better and to bring fruitful thoughts into the world. The sole occupation with the name or the essence of the angel can clear your mind in a refreshing way. Please pay attention to your time of birth, if it is on the threshold, let your intuition speak! The official time can always be slightly rounded up or down.

How to find your guardian angel

Your guardian angels chose you on the day you were born and they will watch over you for your entire life. In addition to the angels of birth, everything around us is looked after by angelic beings. So we are surrounded by a multitude of angelic beings and probably you too have more than one personal guardian angel. There are also angels who temporarily care for you in difficult life situations or when you ask for them in a prayer. If you firmly believe that you have a soul companion in the realm of the angels, then this will very likely be the case.

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Making contact with your guardian angel

To find your own personal approach to the subject of guardian angels, all you have to do is look at your passions. If you can relate to the Kabbalah and the melodious names – good! If not, then turn to something you love! Angels speak to us through beauty, they are harmonies and representatives of the highest divine orders. Pay attention to beauty around you, especially to your own inner and outer beauty. Angels love it when we humans love each other, because then they can help us especially well.

What is the name of my guardian angel?

There are different methods to find out the name of your very personal guardian angel. First, you can contact your birth angel or another high archangel. Just pick the one you feel most comfortable with or the one whose name spontaneously comes to mind. Often the personal guardian angel comes from the ranks of this angel guide and has a name that sounds very similar. Some people are very lucky to hear the name of their own angel spontaneously. Others reach for letter tables, a pendulum or the one-handed rod. The names of angels who speak to us from other spheres can be difficult to receive at first. Put yourself in a relaxed state and ask yourself “Who is my guardian angel?” Then let go and see what happens.

Guardian angel names can sound very strange to our hearing, they sometimes sound more like sibilants or a scratch in the throat. When you receive such sounds, you can try to hear more with your heart. Try to feel your angel more as a whole instead of hearing a name in letters. Feeling your angels is the most beautiful thing of all anyway! But maybe your gaze is wandering in this moment to a picture, a tree or a color, which spontaneously trigger waves of feelings in you. This can also be a message from your angel!

What is my guardian angel-min

How do I recognize my guardian angel and what is he trying to tell me?

Angels usually speak to us constantly. They put messages in our path or make sure that we always go to certain places. Sometimes, however, they do not find access to us so easily because our senses are blocked. If you have inner reservations, access can be difficult. Many of us carry inner blocks in connection with the church, other religions or the angels themselves. If you really want contact, there will soon be indications of such blockages.

If you call an angel through a belief system, you will automatically receive sound vibrations of that religion or mystical teaching. You will then find the purest access through nature. Stay calm and maybe one day you will be sitting under a tree and all of a sudden the name will come to your mind or you can feel your angels for a blessed moment! Often, your angel is trying to tell you something. But for all those who are relatively new to communicating with their angel, these signs are often hard to read. Check out this great tool to find out if your guardian angel is trying to tell you something.

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How to Find Your Guardian Angel

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