How To Become a Better Christian?

How to become a better christian

What steps can you take to get more courage in your life? We compiled a list of things you can to to become a better self and therefore also a better Christ:

1.  Get Right with your Maker

If you do, He will give you His (Deep Inner) Peace, and you will no longer Need to Fear Death — simply because Jesus Christ holds the Keys of Death, and can (and will) give Eternal Life to all who trust Him, and Call upon Him for Salvation. Rev. 1:18; I John 2:25; Rom. 10:13; John 10:27-30. Not only that but Everyone MUST die sooner or later, as it has been “built into” this life, as a result of the curse that was placed upon mankind when Adam sinned.  See also These Links which will tell you how to obtain Peace with God via a Personal Relationship with Your Creator.  Here are a few Scriptures that also stress the need to obtain that Personal Relationship with — God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

2. Read stories about Great men and women of Faith

Here are some inspirational examples:

  • Joan of Arc, a 17 year old girl, who could neither read nor write, and yet left her family and friends, and the small village she grew up in, to obey God, and lead the despondent French army to victory over the invading armies of England.  Her very presence and courage is what turned the whole war around and inspired the French people.  And that courage and confidence she had (almost certainly) came from God — as that is what she claimed, and because “Jesus” was the last word she is said to have spoken as they burned her at the stake.  In fact, the same Roman Catholic Church who condemned her, vindicated her only a few years later, and condemned her accusers instead.  And 500 years later they declared her to be a Saint: something that is (according to Scripture) True of every (born again) Christian. Eph. 1:1; Phil. 1:1; Col. 1:1.
  • Polycarp was the bishop of Smyrna in the second century, and was a very famous Christian man at that time (sort of like Billy Graham, or Dr. James Dobson, or Dr. D. James Kennedy, or J. Vernon McGee, or Dr. David Jeremiah are today).  He was also martyred in his old age (i.e. 75-80 years old), simply because he refused to bow down and worship Caesar.  However, the way in which he died is also amazing, and speaks volumes for the power and nearness of God during times of great need.
  • Against All Odds… The Life Story of Chuck Norris: a Christian man who gives God the glory, and to Jesus Christ, and to his mother, and many others (such as Billy Graham) who helped him become the man he is today, and for the many amazing things he has accomplished — in spite of the odds against him.
  • George Washington: Who was he, and why was he such a Great Leader? Read the Book.
  • Who were the five Christian missionaries, who went down to South America in the late 1950’s, and were killed by the local natives?  And why would they take such great risks with their own lives?  Buy the Book.

3.  Read and memorize various passages of Scripture

And do what the Lord prompts you to do — always allowing His Inner Peace, and the principles of Scripture to guide you.  Col. 3:15; Isaiah 58:11.

4.  Attend a Bible-teaching Christian Church

And begin studying it yourself as well.

5.  Check out stories of other Great Christians from the past

If you have any questions, . Also, be sure to ask and seek the Lord’s guidance on everything you do. Matt. 6:31–7:11; Col. 3:15

How To Become a Better Christian?
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