How Church Can Be More Christ-Like

How Church Can be More Christ-Like

Is it Time to Get More Involved?
The following are suggestions on how the church can be more Christ-Like

  1. Encourage the body of Christ to live together.  When Christians live together, they can encourage each other on a daily basis.  This can be two or more families who are struggling to make ends meet, or singles who simply rent a room (or two) in a house: as opposed to renting an apartment.
  2. Allow people who are losing their homes to purchase an RV and let them park it on the church property, or for church members to get together and purchase a lot where they can park their RV’s.
  3. Encourage members who have the space, to allow people who cannot afford to keep their homes, or can’t find work, to live in their homes, or to park an RV on their property.
  4. Encourage members to come forward and say, in effect, “My house is the Lord’s House, and if anyone in this church needs someone to talk to, here is my phone number.  Feel free to call me seven days a week, and come over for a cup of coffee or tea, or for a meal.
  5. Do the same as # 4 above, except use a public place, like a coffee house, to meet at.
  6. Go and visit a group of believers who call themselves the Twelve Tribes of Israel to see how they live and work together: seven days a week.  They have  communities all over the United States and Canada that work together. For instance, when one community needs workers, the others will provide them, and vice versa.
  7. Ask those who have businesses in the area if they would be willing to have literature available (for free) to the public.  Also ask if anyone in your midst has any free literature available.

Note: as the economy gets worse, either the church will become more and more involved, or the government will – more and more – play God: and our freedoms will continue to erode.

Which of these two options do you think the Lord would want from His people?

Supporting Scriptures:

Rev. 11:1-14, and note that the two great witnesses were wearing sackcloth: as opposed to a suit and tie: and totally unconcerned about “what others think.”
Prov. 21:13, 28:27 and 29:7: God’s people are concerned about the needy and oppressed.
Isa. 58:1-14: God’s people get involved with the poor, and speak out against all sorts of evil.
See also Ps. 94:16; Joel 3:3; Jer. 21:12; 22:15-17; 23:13-22 with regard to speaking out against evildoers, false teachers and a corrupt and oppressive government.

How Church Can Be More Christ-Like
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