Earth Age

Polystrate Fossils

Polystrate Fossils are fossils that cross multiple layers of strata. More often than not they are fossil trees; however they can also be fossil bones of animals or fish as well. Young Earth Creationists contend that such fossils provide very strong evidence that the whole geological time chart, with its millions of years, is invalidated by […]

Open Letter To An Atheist

“Wait a minute. How do we know these gears evolved, as opposed to having been designed? Because we know that everything in biology evolved. And how do we know that everything evolved? Because we know that nothing was designed. Right. But how do we know that nothing was designed? Because we know everything evolved. Ah, […]

Does The Origin of Life Have Nothing to Do With Evolution?

A popular science-oriented magazine claims that “microscopic life” (i.e. bacteria, algae, etc.) … (not only) “paved the way for all later organisms” … but (in their opinion) also … “developed” (or made their own) “DNA and proteins” ….and then, after programming their own genetic codes, “They devised” (or Created) “ways of harnessing sunlight to produce” […]

Proof for a Young Earth

Some say that there isn’t any scientific evidence that the Earth is Young. Meaning that the list of things below shouldn’t even exist  The Oldest Living Thing on Earth is a Bristlecone pine. It has about 4650 tree rings. This suggests it is from 4200-4650 years old. The younger age is possible because in some […]

Did Life Really Begin in Water?

Although water is portrayed by some “scientists” as the key to how life came to be, the fact is that water spontaneously breaks down complex molecules that living organisms need to exist: such as DNA,* RNA, proteins and their components.** For example, an article on Molecular Cloning says that: “Proteins are usually soluble in water solutions […]

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