Earth Age

How Old Is The Earth Really?

A Five-part series on the Age of the Earth  Since we do in fact exist, then the subject of our origin is an issue of truth rather than simply “science” or  “religion.”   And in this regard, the age of the Earth is of utmost importance.  For if the Earth is less than 20,000 years old, […]

Evidence for a Young Earth

In this post, we are taking a closer look at processes that are occuring in the universe and on earth. There is a significant amount of proof that all processes that are said to be millions of years old by evolution-theorists are only a few thousand years old. Below you can see the overview of […]

Proof That Evolution Theory Is Not True

Which is more Scientific: Creation + Creator, or Matter, Time & Coincidence? The following examples show that Creation is based on science. For example, did you know that … Almost any monkey could be taught to press a button or flip a switch: including one that turns on a TV, or computer, or that launches […]

What Happened to all the Dark Matter?

“Dark matter and dark energy are two of the most vexing problems in science today. Together they dominate the universe, comprising some 96 percent of all mass and energy.But nobody knows what either is. It’s tempting to consider them products of the same unknown phenomenon… Dark matter was invoked decades ago to explain why galaxies hold […]

Sea Sloths and Out of Order Fossils

Why do we find “sloths” buried in marine sediments?  One publication said it’s because they were “Sea Sloths” — even though sloths are not known to move very fast, have fur that would (probably) get wet, and are not known to have webbed feet.    The writer of the article tells us that:  “‘If we were […]

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