Do We Need God?

Do we really need God

According to Scripture, we ALL need God to live happy and fulfilled lives, yet when we die we will need Him even more. 1, 2  Yet some refuse to acknowledge their Creator, nor to seek Him and accept His offer of eternal life. In this regard, it is common that the more “educated” people are, the more ignorant they are about how we came to be on Planet Earth. 

Some assert that because God doesn’t talk to them audibly, or show Himself, that He doesn’t exist, or that it is impossible to know for certain, much less know the Maker in a personal way, and so they trust in themselves or so-called “science” and don’t realize that scientists still can’t make a synthetic blade of grass, nor an amoeba or an ant, nor a bicycle, computer, or cell phone that can replicate itself.

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So instead of turning to the Lord, and seeking to know Him, many simply make excuses, or become upset at the thought of seeking, obeying, and serving their Maker, and thus Play God, and perhaps even die in their sins, having never repented or known the God who made them: Luke 13:1-5; John 1:1-3; 8:24; 6:37-40; 10:14, 27. 

In other words, we are often our own worst enemies.  For we decide what we do with our spare time, and who we choose as our friends: who, in turn, influence what we do with our spare time… and which directly or indirectly influences our lives.  Therefore, to a large degree, we control our destiny. 

And so many choose to Ignore the Lord and the people He sends their way: perhaps till the day they die.  But then they won’t be able to ignore God anymore.  For then they will need Him more than they ever imagined.  But if we don’t know the Lord by that time, it will be TOO LATE.  For God tells us that He will not compromise His Integrity to Give His Greatest Gift to those who don’t Love Him, or who (in this life) refused to open up their hearts and let Him into their lives (6:37-40; Rev. 3:20) and who would not Repent of their deeds: John 3:16-18, 36; 5:22-29; 7:38-38; 10:10-14, 27; Rom. 10:13. 

And if you are thinking, that you will let God into your life TOMORROW, or NEXT YEAR, or on your death bed? 

Why wait? Why risk your eternal soul for temporary pleasures, when God offers you something eternal?  Why not allow the One who Loves you more than anyone into your life, and who is able to give you the Gift of Immortality right now: John 5:24; 17:3, 2 Cor. 5:17?  Why not call upon the Lord right now, and trust Him to do His part by coming into our lives and saving us from the penalty of our sins: Rom. 6:23; 10:4, 13; I Pet. 2:24; Rev. 3:20; John 6:37.  For that is what every Born Again Christian had to do to have a clear conscience and be at peace with God.

Otherwise we will be on our own on the day of Judgment, and rather than be our Advocate and Savior, Jesus will be our Judge: Matt. 18:3; Rom. 3:20-24; 10:1-4; 9-13; Eph. 2:8-10; Rev. 20:11-15.  See also Did you Make Yoursel?


  1. According to Scripture, the only way to avoid death is to live a life in close communion with God, and hope that He takes you up as He did with Enoch and Elijah: Gen 5:22-24 and 2 Kings 2:9-11.  The only other way is to live for the Lord and/or to be right with Him when He comes back to reign over the Earth: I Cor. 15:50-58; Matt. 24:29-31; Phil. 3:20-21; I Thes. 4:14-18.  See also I Pet. 1:3-9; I John 2:25; John 17:3; 6:37-40, and Rev. 1:15-18.
  2. As far as God being a “He,” we are told that God made man in His image: and yet they were made as both Male and Female.  Note also that God has both sons and daughters (Isa. 43:6-7), and mothering qualities (Matt. 23:37).  If you have both sons and daughters, do you love your sons more or your daughters more?  If anything you treat them equally, or favor the ones who are respectful of you and whose actions reflect your own love toward others.  God is the same: Prov. 8:17; Jer. 17:10.
Do We Need God?
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