What About Carbon-14 Dating of “Old” Dinosaur Bones?

Is C14 dating of dinosaur bones real

The Carbon-14 method is only used to date things that were once living such as wood, animal skins, tissue, and bones (provided they are not mineralized).  Due to the short half-life (5,730 years) of Carbon-14 this method can only be used to date things that are less than 50,000 years old. And though many evolutionists claim that C-14 dating is accurate up to 40,000 years,1 in reality it is highly unreliable for anything over 5,000 years old.

So C-14 dating is actually not accurate?

Not necessarily. For example, roughly half of the dates produced by this method are rejected by archeologists as being either too far off or impossible.2  Those who think this method is accurate beyond 5,000 years, should know that C-14 has been used to date over 20 different dinosaur bones and other artifacts associated with dinosaurs (such as wood and coal)3,4,5,6 and in every case ages of between 9,800 and 48,800 years were obtained. Note that all of these dinosaur dates are in serious conflict with the purported 65 million year “date” for the extinction of these creatures.

This presents somewhat of a problem for evolutionists, especially since the possibility of contamination from surrounding soil was eliminated, and that many of the samples were sent to different labs for comparison/dating.  I find it ironic that when a mammoth or Neanderthal bone is “dated” at 35,000 years it is accepted as fact and proclaimed widely in popular publications to the public, yet when dinosaur remains yield similar dates they are scoffed at and/or ignored by nearly all “scientific” publications.

The conclusion by many scientists and others who are aware of this information is that radiometric dating methods are nothing more than guesses based on highly speculative theories rather than on facts.

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What About Carbon-14 Dating of “Old” Dinosaur Bones?
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