Book Recommendation – Signature in the Cell


The Book Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer is one of the best that are available on the origin of Life: and specifically on the origin of the Information that exists in the DNA of every one of our approx. 60 trillion cells and the associated very complex machinery that exists within the cell — that is used to access, copy, transcribe, edit, translate, create, re-edit, and fold proteins.


This book is a must read for creation / evolution researchers and those who want to be informed on the subject of life’s origin and the complex machinery that exists inside of every cell of every creature: including bacteria.

The book covers the history of DNA, how it was discovered, and tells the story of the two the researchers who pieced together other scientist’s data to figure out its structure.  The author discusses virtually every origin of life researcher’s work and goes into much detail on why the Mystery of where life came from is really quite simple, yet overlooked by many researchers.

This book discusses virtually every topic at an easy to understand level: including such topics as how proteins are made, the RNA world hypothesis, its difficulties, and how its researchers actually make a good case for Intelligent Design — even though that was not (at all) their intention.

The author also discusses in detail the reason why not even a single protein of relatively small size has much chance of coming together by chance: even assuming that the whole entire earth were a slime-pool of amino acids. 

The author makes a very good case for the “best explanation” for the origin of life.  Below is one quote from the book: 

“NASA’s search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) 34 presupposes that any specified information  embedded in electromagnetic signals coming from space would indicate an intelligent source.35 As yet, radio astronomers have not found any such information-bearing signals.   But closer to home,  molecular biologists have identified  information-rich sequences and systems in the cell, suggesting, by the same logic, the … existence of an intelligent … (source, or) cause …”

The book discusses DNA, RNA, pre-mRNA, mRNA, tRNA, proteins, protein-folding, amino acids, the cell’s micro-batteries (known as ATP), and goes into much detail with the cell’s primary copy machines (i.e. DNA and RNA polymerase) and their associated machinery.  Best of all, the author does so in a way that most laypeople can understand, or at least have a much better grasp of how the cell works than before they read this book.

The book can be obtained from local bookstores or from various online sources.

Book Recommendation – Signature in the Cell
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