Are UFOs Real?

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The strategy of the enemy of our souls is to try to keep us preoccupied with anything and everything but God, and our need to get right with Him in this life. This includes such things as TV, football games, video games, concerts, dancing, and all sorts of hobbies and other forms of entertainment – and also the belief that we were not created by a Super-Intelligent Being, but rather merely by the forces of Mother Nature, acting over billions and billions of years, with multitudes of lucky breaks and miraculous coincidences that just happened to take place.

UFOs instead of God?

And with the theory of evolution collapsing under the increasing weight of scientific evidence against it, in the near future many people who trusted their professors and what the mass media and the scientific establishment told them will need something else to cling to when they realize that their theory is not supported by science. Some will probably become Christians, and some will choose another god, but others will probably choose to believe in the UFO “people” and to view them as our creators. For God the Father and Jesus Christ want to have a relationship with their Creations (i.e. you and me – John 14:23; 17:1-3; Rev. 3:20). But many today don’t want to accept this, nor the idea of being judged, or that God is taking notes on everything we say and do, and so they seek to believe in anything but the God who created them and will thus believe almost anything – including the idea that we are simply an experiment by the UFO People.

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For that makes more sense than the idea that the mindless processes of nature, acting over millions and millions of years, created us and all that we see around us. An idea that has been promoted as scientific for the past 150 years by many college professors.

 And though I do believe there are “other” beings “out there” that can manifest themselves in various ways, I do not believe they exist apart from God, or apart from being Created by Him. In other words, I believe in both angels and demons. Angels are sent by God to do good, and demons are allowed by Him to do evil — including the art of deception, and deceiving people into believing that they don’t have to do anything in order to be forgiven, and the LIE that God will accept those who reject Him into His kingdom and give them His greatest gift on the day of their Judgment.

Thus it is a dangerous thing for us if we reject the very One who created us, and who also sent His Son to earth to die for us on the cross, so that He could forgive those who are willing to call a spade a spade and to honor Him as God, and give to them the greatest Gift He has to give, while not compromising who He is or becoming a Hypocrite in the process. And so, if we reject the Creator, then we will be vulnerable to many types of deception. For we still need to believe in something – even if only in ourselves and our (utter) inability to prevent our own death and/or to raise ourselves from the dead once we die.

 I say this because in a few short years from now, if not at the present time, our own governments will be able to “fake” both a UFO landing, and even the “robotic” little “men” that might walk out of it (at least on camera). All it would take is for a corrupt leader to come to Power, and he or she would be able to literally brainwash millions of people into believing in UFO’s and the UFO people, or even proclaim himself as their (and our) leader. This would also allow him to become the “authority” on life after death, where we came from, Ancient History, The Bible, who Jesus is, etc…

What does the scripture say?

In fact, according to Scripture, in the future, a man will come to power who will exalt himself above everything (including the Creator), and will demand that everyone receive an Identification Mark by which we will be known and able to purchase things and pay our bills with.

We are also told that he will use deception to deceive the masses into believing in him. It is also likely that he will declare himself the Creator. I would also not be surprised if he were able to point his finger at a building and say “shazzam” and have it blown up by a laser beam (that came from outer space). I say this because we are plainly told in Scripture that this man will be able to “bring fire down from heaven, in the presence of men.”

We are also told that there will be an “image” of him that can speak, and that this image will tell people to worship him. This could refer to a literal image on TV, or a robot that looks like him and that will be able to speak. And anyone who refuses to bow down and worship him or his image, or who refuses to take the Mark will be killed (if they are caught). See Rev. 13:1-18; 14:9-13; and 2 Thes. 2:3-12; Dan. 7:25-27; 8:23-25.

So what is next?

 For those of you who are hoping for a way out of this, there may be a rapture; however, don’t bet your soul on it. In other words, although we are told that there will be a rapture, there is much debate as to when this takes place. Some say that it will occur just prior to the Tribulation Period, some say the middle, and others say near the end. The main thing is that you come to know Christ in a personal way, and to realize that He has to keys of death and the ability to raise anyone whom He chooses from the dead. We are also told that NONE of those who believe in Him will be condemned, and that He will raise up all who have believed in Him, and give them eternal life. Scriptures given upon request, or read the Links below.

Jesus also warns those who are on the earth when this leader “takes his seat in the temple” (and displays himself as god) to flee to the mountains — Immediately (like, don’t even pack your bags, but just get in the car and GO, or stay behind and let them kill you). But all those who take the mark will be held accountable for doing so, and judged accordingly. In other words, it is better to trust in the One who can save your soul after you die and raise you up from the dead, than to put your trust in someone who can only give you a few more years of (temporary) “escape” from God on this earth. Mark 8:35-38; Luke 12:4-5

Are UFOs Real?
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