How Old Is The Earth Really?

A Five-part series on the Age of the Earth  Since we do in fact exist, then the subject of our origin is an issue of truth rather than simply “science” or  “religion.”   And in this regard, the age of the Earth is of utmost importance.  For if the Earth is less than 20,000 years old, […]

Evidence for a Young Earth

In this post, we are taking a closer look at processes that are occuring in the universe and on earth. There is a significant amount of proof that all processes that are said to be millions of years old by evolution-theorists are only a few thousand years old. Below you can see the overview of […]

Proof That Evolution Theory Is Not True

Which is more Scientific: Creation + Creator, or Matter, Time & Coincidence? The following examples show that Creation is based on science. For example, did you know that … Almost any monkey could be taught to press a button or flip a switch: including one that turns on a TV, or computer, or that launches […]

Are We Really Christians?

Is there a way that you or I can be virtually certain we are Christians, and that we have eternal life (i.e. the Lord’s presence via the Holy Spirit) abiding in us? In the following pages we will delve into this topic in some detail. My intent is simply to give the reader a sort of “gauge” […]

How Church Can Be More Christ-Like

Is it Time to Get More Involved?The following are suggestions on how the church can be more Christ-Like Encourage the body of Christ to live together.  When Christians live together, they can encourage each other on a daily basis.  This can be two or more families who are struggling to make ends meet, or singles […]

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