Why are there NO Televised Debates between scientists who believe that God Made them -- and All Other Life forms -- verses those who Don't???


Isn't it odd that there are virtually NO televised debates between evolution-believing scientists and creation scientists?  And considering that roughly Half of scientists (and 88 % of the public) believe in either spontaneous or slow Creation its amazing that those who want ONLY their beliefs to be taught in public schools are Afraid of criticism.  In fact, it appears as if they are afraid of debate.  One reason for this is because of scientists like  Dr. Duanne Gish, who for many years did debate evolution scientists on college campuses, yet because he won virtually all of them, little by little, evolutionists became unwilling to debate. 

In fact, some people think that the only reason evolutionist theories haven't been laughed out of the classroom is because the mass media has chosen to side with the atheists: and against the facts of science, biology, engineering, mathematics, and common sense.   

Kent Hovind, a biology teacher and creationist speaker who traveled the country for many years also noticed the same thing: i.e. that evolution scientists no longer want to debate.  The reason becomes apparent from the facts themselves, and which he thoroughly explains in  a talk he gave  at U.C. Berkeley in 2004.  

In fact, more and more people are realizing that since they didn't make themselves, then Somebody else must have done so.  Life itself is so complex that even many scientists are realizing that it couldn't have created itself: no matter how old the earth and universe may be.  In this regard one of the co-discoverers of DNA proposed that  life came from outer space.  That's because he realized it couldn't have arisen on our planet -- and that even water itself works against the creation of life from non-life.  

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