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Evolution Refuted in 2.4 mins.


The Big Bang Fraud 

Bill Nye vs Kent Hovind 

Is Evolution a Myth by Trey Smith


The Central Dogma of Atheism
How DNA makes a Protein

Atheist Prof. on Natural Selection 


Evolution Disproved in 81 seconds 

The Truth about Natural Selection 


Human and Chimp DNA Compared 


The Way of the Master 
Evolution vs God
with Ray Comfort

How Old is the Earth? 

Unlocking the Mystery of Life  

The Origin of Life by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

The Case for a Creator with Lee Strobel  

Ark of  the Covenant Found

Dinosaurs and the Bible with Kent Hovind  

The Forbidden History of Dinosaurs Click on Watch the Movie

Evidence Against Darwin, with Lee Strobel  

Much Evidence for a Young Earth

True vs False Zionism

Approaching Dollar Collapse or WWIII

15 Year Old Nathan sees Heaven, Hell & WWIII 


 The Great Global Warming Swindle

RC Sproul on the Age of the Earth 
How Critical is it???


Does is Matter how Life Began?

Creation in the 21st Century

Evidence for a Young World

Proof of a Creator: for Intelligent People Only
A discussion of a bacterial motor with 40 different parts: 30 of which are unique

T-Rex Blood cells and Soft Tissue with Mary Schweitzer 

How many Transitional Forms have they found? 

Proteins and Soft Tissue in T-Rex Bone with Mary Schweitzer  

Kent Hovind explains why Evolutionists Don't Want to Debate 
A talk he gave at U. C. Berkeley in 2004    

DNA Replication: Splitting Strands and Copying them: Simulated

No (Free Speech, or) Intelligence Allowed to Professors of Public Colleges  ... 
where "The Evidence is almost totally lacking..." (for evolution)
and the "odds" are "one in a Trillion, Trillion, Trillion, Trillion" ... but So what???

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