Probably One of those Smelly Rock-Fungusses.

I hope I spelled that correctly.

PS: I'm not Joking (about the Eggs), -- 

Meaning that I consider my source to be reliable.

See Below for excerpt from the
Evolution / Creation Truth Newsletter 1/06/05

Dinosaur eggs still smelly after 70 million years !!!???

From the May 2005 Natural History (p. 11):

"70,000,000 B.C. -- Rotten eggs are bad enough when they come from chickens, 
so imagine the smell of a 70-million-year-old dinosaur egg.

But a team of paleontologists led by Mary H. Schweitzer of North Carolina State 
University in Raleigh was not about to let the "petroliferous odor" keep them from examining the shells of a few astonishingly well preserved eggs deposited by the giant Argentinian dinos known as titanosaurs..."

The article goes on to explain the embryos inside the eggs still had "soft tissue visible" 
it's unclear if this means the soft tissue itself was preserved or just fossilized impressions
 of it. But it does say the scientists were able to investigate the eggs' molecular structure
 and "even the immunological reactions they provoked."


Imagine that: Still Smelly after 70,000,000 years.

What will it take for more of our Know-it-all "scientists" to wake up and 
Smell the Roses.


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See also:
Romans 1:22-23 and

I Corinthians 1:18-25 --

To see what God thinks about those 
who profess themselves to be wise,
and yet steadfastly ignore the facts
of science (and ordinary common sense), 
Denying the Very One who made them, and
Encouraging and Teaching others to do the same
In the name of what is falsely called