Further Reading

One of the most detailed papers on the subject of radiometric dating is an article Titled Radiometric Geochronology Reappraised", by John Woodmorappe, published in the  Sept. 1979 issue of the Creation Research Society Quarterly. In this issue John Woodmorappe documents approximately 400 discordant dates which were obtained by radiometric methods.  Those interested in obtaining a back-copy may write to: Creation Research Society, P.O. Box 8263,  St. Joseph, MO 64508, or by email at contact@creationresearch.org  It is also in a Publication Titled: "Studies in Flood Geology" by the same author. See also:

Note: Most of these publications are available from one or more of the following sources : Answers in Genesis, 1-800-778-3390; Institute for Creation Research, 1-800-628-7640;  Master Books, 1-800-999-3777.  The abstracts are available at most college or university libraries.

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