My Story in a Nutshell

I was once one of the most shy and self-conscious guys in a High School of over 2200 people.  Because of a low self esteem I didn't date at all in High School, nor did I attend even one High School Dance -- including the Senior Prom.  In fact, I was so shy (and afraid of dancing) that I didn't even consider asking any of the ladies at our school to this (once in a Lifetime) event. 

I did however begin to party at the age of 17, and began going to College at 18.  And somewhere around this time I also (as a result of getting my heart broken real "good" for the first time) in a very humble way asked for God's help with my life: as I was NOT happy with the way things were going, nor was I a spontaneous person, but rather very introverted, unspontaneous and shy.   I  also didn't like meeting new people, and deep down, I knew that something was missing. 

At this time I also knew next to nothing about Jesus, even though I had attended church as a youth.  But God was faithful, and (according to His word in Psalm 145:17-21 and 146:8-9) He honored my sincere cry for help, and (silently and behind the scenes) began working in my life. 

In other words, because I asked for His help, God began to work in my life in a new way.  For instead of being His adversary, (Deut. 4:24, 39; 7:9-10) who could care less about Him or His great plans for my future (if only I would Honor Him for who He is), I was now admitting to Him that I actually NEEDED and wanted His Assistance.  And as a result, He began to place new people and news about Him via radio programs, and TV programs (that I was beforehand NOT AT ALL interested in) right before my eyes.  And before long one of His servants (he could have been an Angel for all I know) offered me a New Testament (for free) and I took it, and actually began reading it. 

And once I started I could barely put it down.  That's because as I was reading the words about Jesus, and the things He did and the words He (at one time) spoke, God's Holy Spirit was right there with me convicting me of my own need for salvation, and pointing me toward Jesus, and God's gift of Eternal Life that is all "wrapped up" in a Personal Relationship with the risen Christ; that is: Jesus Christ, the Son of God (I John 2:22-29; 5:11-13).

And after about six months of intently reading that New Testament from cover to cover, I was convinced of three things:

1.  I was not as good as I had previously thought: for I was filled with lust for women, and had also been into pornography and had my mind perverted by it, and by my own lusts.  And so I accepted the fact that I was a sinner, and (probably) on my way to Hell unless I got right with God.  At least that is what my inner spirit was telling me, and I was also quite convinced that I was not ready to face my Maker.

2.  That I needed to be Saved, from the guilt of my sins, and the power that they held over my life -- including my inner thought life.

3.  That Jesus had something to do with this process.

And to make a long story short, not long afterward I started going to various different Churches and hearing the gospel for the first time in my life, about what Jesus did for me, and how He literally died on that cross 2000 years ago, in order to satisfy God's wrath against sinners (including me), and to offer them (and me) a way out via a personal relationship with Him and the Father (John 14:23-24).  And so I literally  asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and my rebellious attitude and stubbornness, and for Him to come into my life and Save me from the curse of death that was upon me, and my soul: a curse that is still upon the body that I have been given by God.

And He Honored my request, and on Jan. 1st 1979 at around 5:30 AM, I very clearly sensed an Invisible "Presence" come upon me.  And that "Presence" has been with me ever since.  If you are a Christian then you also know what I am talking about.  If not, then you don't.  John 14:16-24; Rom. 10:13; Eph. 1:13-14.

Sincerely in Christ,
Randy S. Berg