Is it Science or Religion???

Junk DNA or What?

Was Life a Mistake?

Evidence for Creator

Is Evolution Science?

Science vs Evolution?

Is Atheism Scientific?

But is it True Science?

DidyouMake Yourself?

Signature in the Cell

Life, DNA and Proteins

Open Letter to an Atheist

Fact of Science or Religion?

Is Evolution supported by Facts?

Is Water the Solution to Life's Origin?

Evidence of Fine-Tuning of the Universe 

Is Life's Beginning Related to How we got here?

"Why is belief in an eternal, omnipotent God considered to be escapism when the Naturalist
must sweep his mysteries under the rug of a hypothetical "Big Bang" that he cannot explain?" 

Excerpted from Evolution is Not Science, by Mitch Cervinka

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Big Bang Fraud

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