If Atheism were Science ...

If Atheism* were science then why can't it explain, demonstrate, and repeat how life got started: and how the information in DNA got there???  This -- ability to demonstrate and repeat -- is what science is based on.

If atheism* were science it would be able to prove, beyond doubt, and for all to see, that there is no Creator / God: who tells us that He made the earth, stars, universe, and ALL life-forms -- including mankind.

If atheism* were science it would be able to demonstrate how "natural selection" could choose, or "select" things before they became beneficial ... or how Time, chance, and mistakes could produce fully functional organs and structures, little by little (before they worked), and all at once: as happens when a caterpillar spins a cocoon.  In other words, since "natural selection" doesn't have a brain, it can't "see" in advance to "select" (or keep) partially-formed things before they are fully functional: meaning that things like eyes, hearts, blood coagulation, DNA to RNA to mRNA to proteins, bacterial flagella, cell-division, butterfly and moth metamorphosis, etc. would never become available to "select" since they require many pieces of information (and/or many unique structures) to all be present and in correct order for them to work -- or before they convey an advantage.  In other words, a half-way formed amoeba would not remain in a half-way (null) state -- for years and years -- till the other half formed by itself in little tiny steps, but rather it would decay back into the elements from which it came: simply because of the destructive forces of nature: i.e. hydrolysis, oxidation, heat, cold, time, etc.  This is discussed in great detail in a book called Signature in the Cell, by Stephen Meyer.

If atheism* were science, then how come it can't explain in detail -- if not demonstrate (on a small scale) -- how the universe came into being, or what it came from, or what was before it?

If atheism* were science, then we must have evolved from apes.  If so then why are there no half-ape / half-humans walking around in any of our jungles?  And if we evolved from apes, then why is our DNA so different from them? 1, 2

If atheism* were science, then why is there abundant evidence that dinosaurs and humans were alive at the same time: including descriptions of them in the Old Testament book of Job? 3  For example see Are Dinosaurs Million of Years Old?

If atheism* were science, then why is there abundant evidence that the world's sedimentary strata was laid down rapidly?  In this regard, Polystrate fossils alone prove (almost beyond doubt) that there must have been a worldwide flood such as we are told took place about 4400 years ago in Genesis chapters 6-9. See also the article below. 4

If atheism were science, then scientists would be able to demonstrate how a self-replicating bacteria, such as an amoeba, came into being -- all by itself, and to do so over and over.  But because it can't it is a belief system that masquerades as "science," but is actually a religion: for true science consists of the ability to propose a theory, test it, demonstrate it, and repeat it.  See Evolution is NOT Science for more on what true science is.

Carbon-14 dating also indicates that the earth's strata is less than 40,000 years old.5

Almost everyone on the planet would agree that a walking talking robot that can "see" because "it" has video cameras, and that can speak in 30 different languages -- because it was programmed to do so ... was, in fact, Designed and Created.  Yet as complicated as this creation of intelligent men and women would be, it still would not be able to "mate" with another robot and produce little baby robots.  This is because it is not Designed  to do so ... simply because scientists, engineers, and programmers are not smart enough to Create such a complex thing: meaning that Whoever made us is smarter than we are.

  1. Evolutionists claim that human DNA and chimp DNA are 98 percent similar; however, that is simply not possible when a chimp's genome is at least 10 percent Larger than ours.  In fact, recent studies show that chimp DNA is only 70-81 percent similar to that of humans.2 

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* Atheism and Evolution without any Intelligent input or oversight are one in the same thing: a belief system or religion of No Creator / God.**
** Evolution with a Creator's oversight and input -- over millions of years is not evolution, but slow-creation.***
*** Evolutionists may believe that as soon as God made the first self-replicating organism that "it" TOLD God to step aside, but they certainly can't prove it.  In fact, their beliefs go against what we know about how complicated things are thought out and designed with forethought.  It also goes against what God told us about who He is and what
He made ... See also Isaiah 42:8, 43:10-13, 45:5 and Zech. 6:13

Fact of Science or Religion?

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