How to find what you are looking for Online.

Lets say that you want to find a Recipe for How to Fry Chicken and you don't have a cook book. 
Here is how I would go about finding those recipes.

1. First select a good Search Engine, like Yahoo ( ), Google ( ), 
Microsoft ( ),, or  Also,
     the last time I used it, Copernic was also good, but it is a Professional Search engine and has
     has advanced features and capabilities that are not free.

2. Go to the search engine of your choice and, in the Search Box, type in something like this:

      "Fried Chicken" + Recipe

3.  Press the Enter key, or click on the Search button, and then watch all of your recipes on
     how to make Fried Chicken come pouring in through your Computer.

Now if it is the meaning of a word that you are seeking the definition for, then try
and if that doesn't work, then, go to one of the above search engines and type in that word and then + 
"meaning of" + "defined as"... and see what comes up.

Good Searching