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The Trifecta Diet Program
(for people who like to eat)
by Timothy D. Waisanen


After spending many years finding out what works and what doesn't, I finally put together a plan from known companies that is effective, yet reasonably priced, with an optimum chance at achieving my goal of losing 80-100 lbs. I have called it the trifecta diet program because it has three steps from three different programs. 

First, the multi-vitamin program (age 55 plus for seniors) with calcium from Melaleuca: the maker of a time release formula, so the the vitamins are actually used in the body.

Secondly, herbal products designed by Dr. Tim Morrow, a world renowned herbalist and CEO of Common Sense Products. 

Thirdly, the newly designed "nutribullet," which emulsifies fresh fruit, nuts, and vegetables, into a "super blast" smoothie, grinding all of the ingredients and breaking down the cell-walls in order to make them more accessible for nutrition. 

This Trifecta Diet Program uses the best from three different companies, to make one cost efficient and effective diet program.  You can follow my progress with this diet and learn how it works by checking regular messages that are left on my facebook page.

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