What Happened to Daddy in Family Court

1.     Mommy, when do I get to see Daddy again?
          A. When you Turn 18.
          B. When the court lords wake up.
          C. When the IRS finds out where the money went.
          D. Maybe weíll see him on TV???

2.     Mommy, how much money did the Court make off of me?
          A. You canít count that high.
          B. Itís against the Law to tell you.
          C. What difference does it make?
          D. $120,000 Buckaroos.

3.     Mommy, did you tell the truth in Court?
        A. The truth is less important than a support Check.
        B. I was only doing what my Lieyer told me.
        C. If I did they might put me in Jail.
        D. Why do you ask?

4.     Mommy, why did Daddy file Cartoons with the Court?
        A. Because he ran out of Money.
        B. Because they canít seem to figure me out.
        C. Because Iíve got Billy & Bob on my team.
        D. Because your Dad doesnít know how to play court.

5.     Mommy, Does Daddy still Love me?
        A. Not near as much as the Spinners.
        B. Why do you ask?
        C. Of course your Daddy Loves you.
        D. If Daddy really Loved you he would still be seeing you.

6.     Mommy, what should I make for Fatherís Day at school?
        A. Make a Father Billy-Bob stuffed Toy.
        B. How about a Going Away Present?
        C. Just make a Motherís Day Card.
        D. You don't need to make anything.

7.     Mommy, why do they call it Family Court?
        A. Becausethepeoplewhoareinitallsticktogether.
        B. Because the people in it are like one Big Family.
        C. So that parents don't get suspicious and hide their Money.
        D. That's a really good Question?

8.     Mommy, why did family court officials tell lies about Daddy?
        A. They were just ďPetty Things.Ē
        B. Because Daddy ran out of Offerings.
        C. Court officials wouldnít do that.
        D. Because Daddy asked questions and they wanted More Loot.

9.     Mommy, does God still Love me?
        A. God made you: The Court Loves you.
        B. Of course God loves you.
        C. We are not allowed to talk about God.
        D. What do you need God for when you have me?

10.   Mommy, does the court Love me?
        A. In a round-about-way: $$$$$$$.
        B. They care more you than you know.
        C. They care more about you than your Dad.
        D. How else do you think they pay for their yachts?

11.   Mommy, Daddy said that the Courts were full of Atheists.
        A. Not all of them are Atheists.
        B. Some of them might be Agnostics.
        C. Thatís because they went to College.
        D. Some of them might be Christians???

12.   Mommy, what do Family and Court have in common?
        A. They are both B-R-O-K-E-N.
        B. One Loves YOU: the other Loves your MONEY.
        C. One Sacrifices for you, and the other Offers you up.
        D. Better not ask your Dad.