San Diego Family Courts:
Where Kids R for SALE or RENT and

Calling All VIP'S

Foster Care for the State

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Private Mediation 
Tips for Lieyers & Crooks on Max Profits
What's Problem #1?
Title  IV-D Funding 
The Tax-Payers are Funding It
Just find a Substitute
A Few Good Lawyers
Fam-Ct Court Survival
How the System works  
To Maximize Kid-Sales, Rentals & Profits
Fatherhood Crisis  
Time for a New Look???
The Last Piggy Bank ...

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Promoting No-Dads
Growing up w/o Dad
Family Court Reform
Why Some Dads Stop ...
Paying Child Support
Are these guys Crooks ?
Satisfakshun garunteed 
Orrrrrr your Money Back ... ??? 
The Family Court House
  CRISPE's Blog Billy the Pignapper: After More Loot
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Books & Videos 
On Family KangaRooski Courts 
A Cheap Substitute
Gov-Thugs are AOL
Private Social Work
Or Cash "paychecks" Scam??? 
Carnival Courts and
BAR Practice session
Missing Dad Problem Solved
w/ Drugs, Alcohol, Abortion, Drop Outs, Jail 
Bank Accounts & Band-Aids

  Who is 10X more likely 
to Drop Dead after Family Court Crooks R done Selling the Kids?

Fishing with Court Sharks

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What Happened to Dad? 
Survey & Quiz
False Restraining Orders
And what to do about them   
Billy the kid goes to Court
To perform BS, ET & the Arts ... of Deception, Fibbery & Extortion
FCOs Fail to Notify Parents
FL-326 & San Diego Courts 
How come lawyers & Judges Didn't
Read, nor 
implement Mandatory Rules: for Five Years
To Whom it Should Concern 
The Ten C's of Family Court
Your Rights as a DP  Fam-Court officials in Uniform

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Can Women be Guilty ?
Right?  or  Wrong?
Happy Birthday to You
Tips for Lieyers on Extracting More $$$
How to Investigate Crooks
Plus: How to Hand-Pick a Court-Buddy
Family Court Love Affair
  $$$ with kids they made Fatherless $$$
$$$ ... and/or Motherless  $$$
Reservists & Family Court
Family Court Photo Album
You be the Judge 
Rate Judges, Lieyers & Crooks
Try a Spin at Family Court Slots

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Fathers have rights to: If
$$$ they have $$$
Children are Pawns 
 In winner-take-All Family Court Chess 
Divorced Parent Rights
Are You Good Enough ... 
To NOT Need an Extortionist ?
Statutory  Marriage Vs.
Common  Law  Marriage
Mail-order wall plaques
President Cares ???
About fellow court buddies ... and about kids growing up with a dad ... which is why he has done so much to change the crooked ways that our courts operate, like ... talking the talk, and ... saying nice things    
Family Court Wolves in Disguise

and The Chameleon Chronicles
Message to Kidnappers
Look what Uncle Sam's planning to
do to keep their foxes out of your Coop.
Parent's Right's Groups
Fam- Court Photo Album

This page is dedicated to a girl whom I haven't "visited," nor heard from since April of 2008: because -- after over five years of Paying professional Lieyers and Thieves to nitpick me and ONLY me with a microscope, I ran out of Money to play Family Court Chess.  Altogether the Crooks confiscated about $120KKK (including ALL of the so-called "child support").  This is also dedicated to the  MILLIONS of other Children who have also been needlessly and/or maliciously separated from their Father, or Mother as well: by so-called "Family Courts" and their cohort of "licensed" Extortionists, Lieyers, and Thieves: most of whom are far more interested in making another buck than doing "public service" or what is "best for the children."

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