Wyatt Erpp
111 Wild West Dr.  #321
Wild, Wild, West  92101
Ph. # 123-456-7890


 January 22, 2010

Billy the Kid: a.k.a. Billy the Kidnapper
110 Wild West Dr., Apt. # 1707
Wild, Wild, West  92101

Dear Billy, 

Please verify yer credentials and yer curriculum vitae and when and from whom 
ya got em.  Please include any courses in ethics that you took, and when, where, 
and from whom you took em.


 X X X





Cc: The Cowboy Judge, the Preacher, and various other witnesses

Ps:  Don't Go Holdin Yer Breath a-waitin-fer a Response: cuz they ain't likely to
       take kindly to any sort of questionin or attemps at handcuffin ... 

Also do a Yahoo or Google search on em and see what comes up. 
Try using "quotes" and listing their Title (i.e. Judge, Psychologist, Therapist, MFT, LCSW, etc)

You can also go down to the local courthouse and look up their name for civil or criminal court cases ...
to see who has tried before you to hold em accountable for crimes that they committed.