Family Court Complaint Form ... Not

Say What?
You mean you didn't file a complaint form,
(that doesn't exist) in a timely manner,
nor (have the MONEY to) hire a law firm,
(to take on the Scam Artists),
nor figure out how to get some of those Free
Public Servants

 to help you get yer Money Back ...
from the professional Thieves who stole it
-- while pretending to care about you & your Kids --
as they emptied your Bank Account, Looted Your Assets,
Ran up Your Credit Cards, and then gave your Kids
to the Parent who helped em do it:
or sold em to the State for $4,000/month/per child
that the Feds pay: with Loot they printed out of Thin-air

See also State-Sponsored Malfeasance or Organized Crime?