Did you Make Yourself

Most people accept that they didn't make themselves, nor did their parents, nor their great, great, grandparents… So how did we get here?

The fact that we have intelligence and self-awareness strongly suggests that Whoever made us is also intelligent, self-aware, and very likely superior to us: if not far beyond our comprehension. 1  

As far as we know, living things only come from preexisting life.  And in spite of all the Money that has been spent on science priests and evolutionist space cadets -- also known as college professors, biologists, and microbiologists -- trying to prove that nobody made us, such people can still only speculate about how life supposedly made itself: against the destructive forces of nature and astronomical odds.  But what are the facts? 

INFO&LIFE--ARE--CLOSELYCONNECTED : so much so that scientists use words like alphabet, language, genetic code, protein coding, transcription, blueprint, signal, messenger, etc. to describe the transfer of information that takes place in the cell, and because all living things require information for maintenance and reproduction. For example, the proteins in our bodies are decaying and being replaced by new ones at approximately 50,000 every three seconds. But without the information stored in our DNA, this would not be possible. And since information only comes from an intelligent Source, this tells us that an Intelligent Being must have had a hand in how life came to be. The co-discoverer of DNA agreed, and proposed that life simply came from outer space. 2

It is therefore logical to say that an Intelligent Being Created and programmed the DNA of each species of life: simply because each species has its own unique DNA, and because DNA is necessary for life to exist. This leaves either God or aliens. And since aliens could not have created themselves, this leaves Someone who is Bigger than or outside of nature itself: most likely the same One who is responsible for the Universe's existence.

Since we didn’t make ourselves, we won’t be able to re-make ourselves after we die. And since our life on Earth only lasts a certain number of years, it seems very likely that we were put here for a reason: i.e. to either seek to know and serve our Maker, propagate our genes and/or to do our own thing: Deut. 30:15-20; Mal. 3:16-18; Matt. 10:32-39; Luke 19:11-27; John 12:26.

Jesus said that He came from God and even called God His Father. He also told us how we came to be (Mark 10:6; Acts 17:27-28) and said that He and God want a Relationship with us (John 14:1, 23, 17:3; Rev. 3:20) – and that None who accept their invitation will be disappointed. 3

We were created to know, serve, and Relate – not only with each other, but also, and More So, with the One who made us. For example, let’s suppose You spent Your Life and EVERYTHING you had making live beings that looked like you and had minds of their own. But some of them scoffed at the thought of Your very existence, let alone that they should honor, serve, and Relate with You. And in Your place they substituted nothing and nobody of significance, but simply matter, time, chance and energy: things that require no commitment and also offer No Hope of life after death.

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2. Also known as Directed Panspermia. See Crick, Francis, “Life Itself: It’s origin and nature”, 1981
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