Your Tax Dollars at Work: against Logic, Science, and God
Promoting manmade Religion in the Classroom and calling it “Science”

America was founded by people who believed that Freedom is important. For example, although all 55 of the Founders who signed our Declaration of Independence believed in God, and 52 of them were Christians, yet they refused to FORCE their views on the public, but rather wanted people to be Free to make up their own mind. So in the First Amendment to our Constitution they spelled out what Congress could and couldn’t do. And in it they told our Federal government to make no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor to prohibit the free exercise thereof.  Thus, in matters of faith, the Federal government was to remain neutral and to leave such issues up to the States, and/or to the individual.

This has not been the case for the past 50 years. For during that time, many supposedly well-educated people have not only clung with fervency to their opinions of how they think we arrived on planet earth, but have elevated themselves to priestly figures who think they know almost everything, and that they should be supported with public money to propagate their beliefs and teach ONLY their beliefs as if they were indisputable facts of "science," while labeling all other opinions as "religion." 

In addition to government aid and assistance in the classroom and our courts, the (banker-owned) media has also sided with the priests of science and provided them with lots of publicity: and by which they tell we the people how we should think and believe as well. However, those who peek behind the curtain of true science will sooner or later discover that what is supposed to be “fact” is said to have occurred hundreds of millions of years ago where no one could document what occurred, has not been verified in any laboratory, nor observed in nature.  In other words, what they believe is based on nothing more than (faith in) the power of nature to do what they can’t: i.e. make a living organism that can replicate itself.  And even IF they ever do Create life, you can be certain that a LOT of thought and Programming of DNA will be required: something that Nature acting on its own could not achieve: even in Trillions of years.

Perhaps this is because they haven’t taken the time to look at the actual facts, nor taken note of the growing numbers of critics?  Or perhaps because of an aversion to the thought of future judgment for our actions while on earth? 1  For conspicuously absent from almost all of the thousands of TV programs, textbooks and science journals is an admission that what the mass media and their cohort of science priests believe is based on nothing more than faith, as opposed to what can be demonstrated or observed. They also simply ignore or downplay what is becoming more and more obvious: i.e. that logic, science, and the astronomical “odds”  against life arising by itself point directly toward an intelligent Creator. That’s because, to the best of our knowledge and/or as far as we know, information ONLY comes from intelligence, and because living things are full of information.  

For example, as far as we know, nature can’t even create the most basic homochiralic, or life-based protein (only 8-amino acids long), much less thousands of them that work together. And now that the inner workings of the cell are known, it is becoming more and more obvious that the genetic code or “language of life” could not have happened by accident: even in Trillions of years. This is why the theory of Directed Panspermia was invented: i.e. to explain how life arose against the forces of nature, and against astronomical (if not impossible) "odds."  

What are the Facts?
Scientists can't even make the 20 amino acids that all living organisms use to make proteins, much less figure out how non-intelligent matter + Time + undirected energy could Create DNA, while at the same time add an Encyclopedia of new and necessary information to it. And according to a recent article in Scientific American on how Life might possibly have originated (by itself), 3 it was reported that scientists were able to mix two amino acids together and come up with … 2-aminooxizole.  This is like finding a piece of iron ore stuck to a piece of magnetite. Cool perhaps, but nowhere close to the complexity of a computer, with monitor, printer, correct cables, power cord, and AC voltage, running on Windows XP, nor anything resembling the complexity of a bacterium: the most simple of which contains thousands of homochiralic (i.e. left-handed amino acid only) proteins, of 600 different types, DNA, DNA and RNA polymerase, helicase, ribosomes, a membrane: and that is dependent upon a more complex host organism to survive.4  And, contrary to what has been propagated by the media, water does NOT solve the problem,5 but rather complicates it and makes it more difficult to explain: apart from a Designer and Creator.

The information in DNA is the heart of all living organisms: if not a Divine Fingerprint of our origin, simply because information does not appear by chance, nor can it be explained by random chemical reactions, nor undirected / destructive heat, nor random electric sparks.  In fact, our DNA and its machinery (that reads, copies, and transfers the information therein) is more complicated than anything man has ever made.  And without the information in DNA, life as we know it would cease to exist.5  For example, the proteins in our body decay at approximately a million a minute, yet we remain alive because our DNA (and it's machinery) creates a million new ones per minute to take their place.

DNA is broken down into segments called genes.  A gene is a protein blueprint, and one DNA molecule may contain thousands of them: each of which contains the correct chemically coded information needed to make proteins.  However, DNA cannot decode itself, but requires the help of various other biological proteins that are made by the DNA and/or by ribosomes to do so.6  In other words we have a "which came first" situation: i.e. which came first, the information in the DNA or the protein-components necessary to read that information???  This cannot simply be dismissed from the debate about how life on Earth came about, at least not without admitting that what one believes in this regard is a matter of faith -- since, the fact of the matter is that scientists don't really know how life came about, much less demonstrate it via random natural processes.

In order to make proteins, DNA -- in conjunction with RNA polymerase and helicase -- creates small mobile (RNA) copies of the information stored in its genes.  These copies then travel to the cell's protein factories or ribosomes where the information is read and used to make life-based proteins -- that as far as we know -- only come from already living things. The proteins then fold into specific shapes and are used to make larger structures.  In other words, the DNA, RNA, ribosomes, cell membrane, and raw materials all work together: which is why Francis Crick, one of the discoverers of DNA, proposed the theory of Directed Panspermia: the belief that life came to earth from outer space. 7,8

Thus we are left with God or the aliens. One offers Eternal life, the other entertainment: one is costly; the other costs nothing. Both are voluntary. Thus it is time for scientists, ignorant, dishonest, and/or arrogant judges, and the media to stop touting their (atheistic) religion in the name of science, and to admit that they don’t know how we got here, nor how life arose, and that the theory of evolution is not based on a science that can be observed or demonstrated, but rather on speculation, imagination, and faith in nature’s ability to create rather than what we actually observe: i.e. to break things down and destroy them.

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