What about those who Never Heard?

Will those who never heard about Jesus be condemned for their  "unbelief"?

Those who never Heard about Jesus will be judged according the knowledge that they had.  The Bible tells us quite plainly that there will be people "from every tribe and tongue and Nation" in Heaven -- including heathens who never heard about Jesus from nations and peoples that no longer exist.  We are also told that the Ninevites, who, to our knowledge, never became Jewish -- but merely repented (i.e. turned away from evil) and believed in God -- were declared righteous before God.  However, this was before Jesus came -- meaning that they will be judged according to a different standard than those persons living today who have heard the message rejected it.  Below are a few verses that support this.  

Proverbs 24:12;  Jonah 3:1-10;  Matt. 12:41-42;  John 15:22-24;  Romans 1:18-2:16.

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