Homeless Man Sleeps on Park Bench: For over Five Years

His name is Ron, and he told us he's been sleeping on the same public bench, in a Southern California (low crime area) city for over Five Years.

And when we asked him if he has a drug problem, he said NO, and then he proceeded to tell us his story ... of NO CRIME record, No Drugs, or Alcohol, doesn't smoke, is not a thief, was a former corrections officer -- and that he became a Christian about a year ago and now goes to church.

He also told us that in Five Years of sleeping on the same park bench, that NOBODY has offered to take him into their home.  Ron is also not alone, for in only three weeks of simply bringing sandwiches to the Homeless and talking to them, we found Four other Christians in the same town who also don't take drugs, nor drink alcohol, who "attend" church and are not drunkards ... yet are  in the same situation: three of whom sleep in their cars.

So our perception appears to be that many churches -- while giving handouts to the homeless and making sure they have "sleeping bags," are not really going that far out of their way to help them.  One former pastor to the homeless, who is now retired, called it "conscience" handouts -- so that they don't feel too guilty for NOT doing what we are told to do in Isaiah 58 and other passages: like Matt. 25:35, which says:

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in"

See also Ezekiel 34 with regard to the job of a true shepherd, and Luke 14:16-26 with regard to the job of the flock: going out into the highways and hedges to seek the lost -- and bring them into the Lord's house.

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