The Danger of Waiting

The Danger of Waiting, and Waiting, and Waiting, to allow God to come into your life, is that we may very well, WAIT TOO LONG, and even Forget that He is standing outside the door of our hearts.  However, there comes a time, when He may quit knocking, simply because of our own refusal to listen.  Just like a guy who loves a girl, will eventually stop calling and writing, and asking her to do things with him, if her answer is always "NO thanks" or "I'm too busy right now, maybe Next Week." 

See II Cor. 6:1-18 (esp. vs. 2) and I Cor. 15:1-11 (esp. vs. 2) for more on this, and the danger of having simply a "vain belief" that has NO Substance to it: the difference between a Mighty Oak that stands it's ground during a storm, versus a reed that simply blows in the wind.  And in case you didn't know, God wants us to be Like the Oak -- with beliefs and convictions that we are not willing to compromise on because we know we are right (like Jesus and his Apostles, and Polycarp, and Joan of Arc, and millions of others whose names we may never know) -- even in the face of Death (Psalm 23:4; Luke 12:4-5).

For Death is nothing more than a scarecrow that ignorant and evil people will sometimes use to intimidate others, very often because of their own evil or selfish desires -- not realizing that they, themselves, will also face it, and then their Maker. 

For when Hitler was USING others to kill people during World War II it is almost certain that the last thing he was thinking about was his own death.  But according to one of his Secretaries who saw him just before he committed suicide, "he was as white as a ghost."  That's probably because he knew he was about to face God and give an account for what he told his people he would "take responsibility for." 

For according to his secretary, that is the way he got the Germans to do such horrific deeds.   However, nobody can take responsibility for your actions, for God knows your reasoning, and why you do what you do, and He will hold you responsible, even for trying to save your own life if doing so means committing evil deeds toward others (Mark 8:35-38).  In other words, if you are a coward, who is never willing to stand up to anyone, nor to take a moral stand on anything, then God Knows it, and so do you: and God will also hold you accountable for your cowardice.  And if you Don't believe it, then read Rev. 21:7-8 for yourself. 

But Jesus told us not to fear Death, because He has overcome it, and because He also gives everyone who believes in Him the Gift of Eternal Life.  See John 11:21-26; John Chapters 14-17, Rom. 14:8-10; I John 5:1-13; and Rev. 12:11.  In other words, in the final analysis, this life is a trial, or a test to see if you Love God and Trust Him more than you love and trust yourself:  Ps. 25:1.