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For example, one of the Links to the page above is a list of ancient versions of the Bible and their respective translations (from each language) of the English word "baptize." Another page explains in great detail, the proper meaning of this word -- based on its root-word.

Infant Baptism by J.C. Bailey.

Infant Baptism Exposed

The meaning of the word Baptize.

What does the Greek say about bapto and baptizo?

The History of Infant Sprinkling.

More on Infant Baptism by Johnie Edwards.

Baptism, a reply to a Lutheran teaching on this subject, by Fred G. Zaspel.

The Divine Right of Infant Baptism: Examined and Disproved.

Infant Baptism It's History and It's Harm, By the Late Dr. William Pettingill  

Infant Baptism -- Is It Christian?  By Dan Corner

Water Baptism According to the Bible: and Historical References that relate to doctrines and practices of the early Church, 33-100 AD.  Compiled by Lewis Manuwal.  An in depth look at whether you should be Immersed or Sprinkled when you are baptized.

Why The Baptists Do Not Baptize Infants.

Infant Baptism, by Matthew J. Slick, 
This article gives some insight on how the practice of infant baptism is justified by those who believe in it. 

"The Death of David's Son" by Bob Deffinbaugh

The Truth about Baptism by Jessica McCreary.

The History of Infant Baptism by sprinkling, and how it became accepted by various denominations today. Also, according to this writer, it was the translators of the Bishops Bible in 1561 that first invented the words "baptism" and "baptize" -- rather than simply translate the Greek word into English; however, it appears that they were also not the first to do so.

More on the History of Sprinkling.

Why the translators of the King James Version (KJV) didn't "translate" the Greek words for Baptize. According to the author they didn't need to because other "translators" before them had not done so either, because the word "baptize" was already established in the minds of the English at that time -- having been brought to England by a Benedictine Monk named Augustine in the year 597 AD (See article below by Ross). However the author does agree that the actual meaning of the word is "to immerse." 

How the word "Baptize" came to England, by Bob L. Ross. According to Ross, the word "Baptize" was first brought to England by a Benedictine monk named Augustine (the Archbishop of Canterbury) in 597 AD.

One Baptism by A. Ralph Johnson.

The Baptism of John, and why Jesus was, himself, baptized.

Is the translation of the King James Version more inspired than other versions of Scripture. Lots of links are also included at the Bottom of this page.

This page, while showing respect to the King James version, is also somewhat critical of those who try to elevate it above all other translations. It is also a fairly in depth look at this subject.

Salvation by Grace by Lewis Sperry Chafer -- with a brief discussion of baptism.

Assurance of Salvation by Lewis Sperry Chafer.

Why We Left Lutheranism by Claude A. Guild

Augustine: Founder of Roman Catholicism 

Bible Study Link Page.

Note: Here are two Links that support the baptism of Infants and also sprinkling.  

Baptism by Francis A. Schaeffer: Schaeffer defends both sprinkling and the baptism of infants.  And although I don't agree with everything he says, I do think he does a good job of defending what he believes.  This is the view that Presbyterians hold.

Here is another link by the WELS Lutherans that also defends both infant baptism and sprinkling.  

My views are Here. 


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