Why do you suppose the Mass Media and the medical profession prefer to use the Latin term for Little Child (i.e. "Fetus") rather than simply translate its (Latin) meaning into plain English  (i.e. "Little Child")?  

Could it be that they DON'T WANT the (entire) public to see what is really going  on when it comes to the killing of over 1 million innocent Little Children per year  in this country via "abortion"?  Nor do they want to accept responsibility for the (Large) part in this Holocaust which they have both condoned and done virtually everything in their power to defend, in the name of "freedom" (to kill my innocent little child before "it" breathes air). 

This is the same Mass Media that Doesn't want you to have a choice when it comes to what school your kid goes to -- Unless, of course, it's a Public one (where evolution is taught as if it were a fact), and where your 12-13 year old daughter can obtain an abortion -- during school hours (w/o permission from either of her parents).  

Unless, of course, you are willing to foot the whole bill and put her in Private School.  So much for freedom of "choice" when it goes against THEIR AGENDA of brainwashing our kids, so that they believe all sorts of things that are untrue, or questionable at best.

Thanks to all the indoctrination they are getting in OUR Public Schools -- Paid for with YOUR Tax Dollars.

This is also what Hitler did to his own people, before he began taking away their rights, and stealing from and killing them -- after he took away all their guns.  

Perhaps that's also why the Mass Media Bad-Mouths guns every chance they get, while ignoring virtually ALL of the 600,000 times a year  Law-abiding citizens use their own guns to either defend themselves against an intruder, chase him off, or hold him at gun-point until the Police arrive.  And yet they also LOVE using LOTS and LOTS of guns in their Movies.  

Did you also know that a higher proportion of men  support abortion wrongs than women?   Why do you suppose this is?

And all those who hate God, and Jesus, and His People said: Amen! 
See John 15:18-23 for more on this.


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