NASB-MV = New American Standard Bible - Modified Version. In other words, I have compared this version to other versions, and feel that (although) the NASB is more BLUNT and perhaps accurate, I do not feel it is as clear as this modified version -- that is a partial paraphrase.  The NASB inserts the word "doom" with regard to unbelievers and their destiny.  And though I believe they were very likely correct, the original Greek simply says: "to which they were appointed."

Note: Although I have also done this while maintaining my personal Peace with God (Colossians 3:15), I feel that I must confess that the portion in Blue is a "modified version" in my own words which I believe to be correct in that those who reject their Maker, will be without excuse, on the day of their Judgment, and that their "choosing" is inseparably intertwined with His "appointing."  This also gets into the area of God's foreknowledge -- which God plainly says He has; however there are many other Scriptures which allude to the fact that we were created with the ability to choose for ourselves whether to believe or not to believe, or to choose to go left or right, to shoot ourselves in the foot, or jump off a cliff and commit suicide; however, God is NOT RESPONSIBLE for our choices, and if we choose to ignore or reject Him for who He is, He will also reject us when we stand before Him on the day of our judgment.

Note also that Romans 1:20 does use the words "without excuse" with regard to those who choose the path of unrighteousness and personal pleasure and who refuse to acknowledge their Maker, and submit themselves to His will for their lives.