Testing, Testing, 1-2-3  
Test your knowledge of Science, History, and Ancient Art

1. All of Americanís Founding Fathers:
    A. Survived the War of Independence.
    B. Were either Merchants or Lawyers.
    C. Were Bible-believing Christians.
    D. Claimed to believe in God.

2. Some scientists believe that life:
    A. Came to earth from outer space on a comet or a meteorite.
    B. Arose by time and chance over millions of years.
    C. Was seeded (or planted) on earth by aliens.
    D. Was Supernaturally created by God.
    E. All of the Above.

True or False

3.   T  F  Scientists have made live, one-celled, organisms from scratch in their laboratories.

4.   T  F  Scientists have observed life-like, ordered, proteins to form in nature: apart from being
               made by pre-existing organisms.

5.   T  F  A homochiralic protein consists of only left-handed (or L-type) amino acids.

6.   T  F  Living organisms make proteins of both homochiralic and non-homochiralic forms.

7.   T  F  Sea shells have been found in the Sierras, the Alps, and the Himalayas.

8.   T  F  Marine Fossils have been found in the Grand Canyon rock strata.

9.   T  F  A Polystrate Fossil is one that crosses at least two different layers of strata.

10. T  F  Some Polystrate Fossils are over 30-ft. long and cross various different types of strata.

11. T  F  Upright fossil trees are often missing their roots, and/or their rootlets.

12. T  F  Experiments in sedimentation demonstrate how individual layers can precipitate (or
               form) almost instantly as the particles settle.

13. T  F  An 800-1000-year-old Buddhist Temple in Cambodia has carvings of many different
               animals: including one that looks like a Stegosaurus.

14. T  F  Various different Dinosaurs, Dragons, and/or flying reptiles are in the Old Testament.

15. T  F  Ancient Greek and Mesopotamian art depicts creatures that look like Dinosaurs.

16. T  F  Thousands of rock carvings and figurines of Dinosaurs were found in Acambaro,
               Mexico and in Peru, along the Ica River.

17. T  F  Unfossilized Dinosaur bones have been found with what look like red blood cells.

18. T  F  Unfossilized Dinosaur bones have been carbon-dated from 10,000 to 48,000 years old.

19. T  F  All forms of radiometric dating are questionable.

20. T  F  If life from non-life cannot be demonstrated in a laboratory, nor observed in nature,
               then the theory of Evolution is not really based on science but rather on faith.

21. T  F  Belief  in Evolution without God and atheism are one in the same thing.

22. T  F  Evolution  with Godís help and   slow Creation  are the same thing.

23.  According to Genesis 2:7, God made man from:
       A. Earth Dust.
       B. A Jellyfish.
       C. An Ape.
       D. An Ape-man.

24.  According to Genesis God made woman from:
       A. Earth Dust.
       B. A Jellyfish.
       C. An Ape-woman
       D. Adamís Rib.

25.  When the Bible says that God ďspoke and it was done,Ē it means that:
       A. It took Thousands of years.
       B. It took Millions of years.
       C. It took Billions of years.
       D. It probably happened in a short period of time.

26.  According to Genesis 2:19, God made the animals and birds from:
       A. Moon Dust
       B. Star Dust
       C. Earth Dust
       D. Other forms of life

  Answers: 1) D   2) E   3) F   4) F   5) T   6) F   7) T   8) T   9) T   10) T   11) T   12) T   13) T   14) T   
                   15) T   16) T   17) T   18) T   19) T   20) T   21) T   22) T   23) A  24) D   25) D   26) C