Spiritual Knowledge Quiz 

1.  Who said: "Believe in God. Believe also in Me!"
     A.  Moses
     B.  The Angel Gabriel.
     C.  Buda
     D.  Jesus Christ
     E.  The Apostle Paul.

2.  Who said: "Lead him to the cross" with regard to an animal?
     A.  The Apostle Peter.
     B.  Napoleon
     C.  Alexander the Great
     D.  Saint Valentine
     E.   Joan of Arc

3.  What type of animal is #2 above referring to?
     A.  An Elephant
     B.  A Donkey
     C.  A Horse
     D.  A Goat
     E.   None of the Above.

4.  Who thought that: "There is no God?"
     A.  Lucifer
     B.  Charles Darwin
     C.  Sir Charles Lyell
     D.  The Searching Agnostic
     E.  The Fool

5.  The Lord "knows" evil people:
     A.  Intimately.
     B.  From afar
     C.  He doesn't "know" them at all -- meaning that they are NOT His Children.
     D.  I really don't know.
     E.  B and C.

6.  To whom did Jesus walk up to (upon first meeting him) and say: "Follow Me"? 
     A.  The Apostle John
     B.  The Apostle Peter
     C.  The Apostle Mark
     D.  The Apostle Matthew
     E.  The Apostle Thomas

7.  Who said:  "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!"
     A.  Jesus Christ
     B.  Moses
     C.  The Apostle Paul
     D.  The Apostle John
     E.  John the Baptist

8.  Who said: "Unless you believe in Me, you will die in your sins!"
     A.  Moses
     C.  Jesus
     B.  Buda
     D.  God the Father
     E.  Nobody that we know of.

9.  Who was taken up to Heaven without dying?
     A.  Moses
     B.  Enoch
     C.  Joshua
     D.  Jesus
     E.  Jonah

10.  When we receive our Immortal Bodies we will (likely) be able to:
    A.  Fly in Mid-Air or Space
    B.  Walk through walls
    C.  Disappear
    D.  Eat Food
    E.  Have "Close Encounters" with the opposite Sex
    F.  Three of the Above
    G.  Four of the Above
    H.  Five of the Above.

11.  There will/will not be Intimacy between men and women in God's Kingdom because:
       A.  We will be changed.
       B.  Close encounters are only for Married People.
       C.  The Women might be disappointed if there wasn't.
       D.  The Men might be disappointed if there wasn't.
       E.  C and D.

See Ps. 16:11, 20:4-9; 37:3-5; 145:15-19; Jer. 31:22; Rom. 9:33; 10:11; 12:5; Gal. 3:28; Rev. 2:17, 26-28; 3:12; 21:4-5  

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