Relationship Quiz

1.  T  F  Men are a little slow when it comes to picking up Under-the-Table Hints from 
              Women who "Like" Them.

2.  T  F  If a Man makes a woman feel uncomfortable, the  woman who led him on will 
              (often) "drop" him in a heartbeat, and (if nec) deny she was ever interested. 

3.  T  F  If a man l gives a woman lots of attention and gifts, she will usually fall in love
              with him even if she is not attracted to him at all and he can't make her laugh.

4.  T  F  If two people are physically attracted to each other, and they share the same 
              beliefs, there is a good chance they will become happily married.

5.  T  F  God has very little to say about who we marry, or spend time with.

6.  T  F  Women rarely challenge men, play games, or put men to the test.

7.  When giving a “Hint” to someone you like you should:
     A)  Ask to borrow their computer, and give it back with your phone number posted 
           in Big Letters scrolling across their Desktop.
     B)  Ask them to fill out a survey.
     C)  Never let your true feelings to show, but rather just give "Hints."     
     D)  Tell all your friends and hope the message gets back to them.

8.  Women want:

     A)   A guy who follows them around and does what they want.
     B)   Guys who are really nice.
     C)   A Guy who is Good Looking, Challenging, fun to be with, Mysterious: and nice.
     D)   Guys who call them five times a day to say "I Love You, will you marry me?"


9.   Men are impressed by:

       A)  Women who can cook and do dishes.

       B)  Women who follow them around and give LOTS of "Hints".

    C)  Women who “Play by the rules.”

    D)  Women who have lots of money, and drive a nice car.

    E)  Women who can beat them at ping-pong, tennis, or chess, but hold back so as 
     not to hurt their feelings.


10. When establishing a new friendship you should:

      A)  Do only what you are comfortable with, or have peace about.

      B)  Try something and see if it works.
      C)  Only give Under the Table Hints: and don't take Risks.

      D)  Rush in and tell them how you feel, and that they are "The One."