Relationship Mystery Quiz

 1.  Some women L___ (rhymes with Dove) to be in:
      A.  Control
      B.  Charge
      C.  The Spotlight
      D.  Love with a Man who Loves Them.
E.  None of the above

 2.  Most Men:
      A.     Don’t mind being last
      B.     Love all women equally
      C.     Will give up their Heart and Power – with no strings attached
      D.     Don’t know how to play Relationship “Tennis” very well
      E.      All of the above
      F.      None of the above

 3.  Most women want the man to:
     A.  Take (most of) the RISK when it comes to a relationship with THEM.
     B.  Be the first to ask THEM out, or for their phone number.
     C.  Open their doors for them.
     D.  A guy who is (reasonably) Good Looking, Fun to be with, Mysterious,
           has money (and/or a JOB).
     E.      All of the above
     F.      None of the above

 4.  Most women do not like:
A.   Losing when it comes to love.
      B.      A man who doesn't know what he believes.
      C.      A man who is faking it, and/or who is not himself.
      D.      A man who has no values or convictions.
      E.       A man who always gives in to them.
      F.       All of the above.
      G.      None of the above.

5.  T  F   Some women give crystal clear (over the table) “Hints” to a man they “Like."

6.  T  F   Most women prefer to give vague (under the table) “hints” to a man whom they
               think they might (possibly) “like” -- provided that he can read her mind and Does 
               Everything just Right. 

7.  T  F   Never tease a woman who “Likes” you a LOT – unless you are serious about
               having a Relationship with her – especially if she is a co-worker, roommate, or friend 
               of someone whom you “Like.”

8.  A Woman and Squaw are the same -- except for:
       A.  Woman starts with W and Squaw with an S.
       B.  Squaws are better than ordinary women at Branding (their) Men -- with Hot Irons.
       C.  Squaws like cozy wigwams, while ordinary women LARGE Teepees or Long-Houses.
       D.  Squaws are better cooks.
       E.  A Squaw can make her Fire glow really Hot with very little wood.