Parental / Keep-Your-Mouth-Shut (while-we-Brainwash-yer Kids) Take Home Quiz

True or False:

1.  T  F  Scientists KNOW with certainty that the Earth is billions of years old.

2.  T  F  Evolution-believing scientists believe that the Earth is billions of years old because that's 
              what they were taught: in Evolution-ONLY-Universities and textbooks.

3.  T  F  Evolution-believers Believe that life Evolved S-l-o-w-l-y over millions of years: all by itself. 

4.  T  F  Evolution believers are less biased and more objective than Creationists, and don't allow 
              PRIDE to influence how, or what they think.

5.  T  F  If you tell a lie with a straight face, and repeat it in slick-looking "science" magazines and TV
             programs, and don't give critics an opportunity to correct you, then many people will be likely
             be deceived.

6.  T  F  What "Johnny" is taught in Public School is NONE of Your (parental) business: whether it is
              true, partially true, and/or not based on (verifiable) science.

7.  T  F  The theory that life evolved from non-life (all by itself) is based on sound scientific theory and

8.  T  F  Apart from being Created by an Intelligent Being, how life began is an unverifiable -- if not 
              Total -- mystery.

9.  T  F  The "Odds" of probability tell us that an Intelligence MUST have been involved with the design 
              and Creation of all living types of organisms on our planet.

10. T  F  Dinosaur Bones sometimes retain their organic material.

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