The New England Primer Quiz

True or False

T  F  1.  The New England Primer was the first Textbook Printed in America.

T  F  2.  The New England Primer was first printed in Boston in 1690.

T  F  3.  The New England Primer was used in all types of American schools for over 200 years.

T  F  4.  Many of the Founding Fathers and their Children learned to read from the Primer.

T  F  5.  The 1777 Edition of the Primer contains a Child's Morning Prayer that begins as follows:
               "Almighty  God,  the  Maker of  every  Thing in  Heaven  and  Earth,
                The Darkness goes away, and the Day light comes at Thy Command..."

T  F  6.  The same prayer above, of the same edition, ends as follows:
               "Save me, O God, from Evil, all this day long, and let me love
                 and serve Thee forever, for the Sake of Jesus Christ, Thy Son."

T  F  7.  The 1777 Edition of the Primer contains a Lesson for Children that includes the following advice:
             "Pray to God, Love God, Fear God, Serve God, Take not God's name in vain,
               Do not Swear, Do not Steal, Cheat not in your Play, Play not with bad boys."

T  F  8.  The Primer taught the Alphabet in several ways, one of which was as follows:
              A :  In Adam's Fall  We sinned all.
              B:   Heaven to find;  The Bible Mind.
              C:   Christ Crucify'd   For sinners dy'd.
              D:  The Deluge drown'd   The Earth around.
              E:   Elijah hid   By Ravens fed.
              N:  Noah did view  The Old World & New

T  F  9.  Regarding men and women from the past, the Primer taught the following:
              Who was the first man?                   Adam
              Who was the first woman?              Eve
              Who was the first murderer?          Cain
              Who was the first Martyr?             Abel
              Who was the first Translated?        Enoch
              Who built the Ark?                          Noah
              Who killed Goliath?                        David
              Who was in the whale's belly?        Jonah
              Who saves lost men?                      Jesus Christ
              Who is Jesus Christ?                      The Son of God
              Who was the Mother of Christ?     Mary  

T  F  10. For 100 years after its introduction, the New England Primer was the beginning textbook for
               students; until 1900 it continued to be a principal text in all types of American schools: public,
               private,  semi-private,  home,  dame,  parochial,  etc.  The  Founders,  as well as most other
               Americans, learned to read from the New England Primer and the Bible.    


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