Dinosaur Facts Quiz

1.  Ancient legends of these creatures may not be fairy-tale stories at all, but rather actual accounts of encounters
      with dinosaurs.  What were they called?    ________________ 

2.  The word dinosaur comes from the Latin words  “deino” and  “sauros”.    
     What do these words mean in English?   __________   ___________

  Circle T for True or F for False

3.   T  F   The word “dinosaur” was coined by an English scientist in 1840. 

4.   T  F   Scientists know that dinosaurs died out over 60,000,000 years ago.

5.   T  F   The mass media is relatively unbiased with regard to dinosaurs and whether or not they roamed the 
                earth at the same time as man.

6.   T F   Carbon dates of unfossilized dinosaur bones yield from 10,000 -- 48,000 years old.

7.   T  F   Scientists have found numerous unfossilized dinosaur bones.

8.   T  F   Scientists have found organic matter such as collagen, protein fragments and little round things that look 
                like red blood cells inside of a dinosaur bone.

9.   T  F  The Bible has nothing to say about creatures which might be dinosaurs.

10. T  F  The Pig, Rat, Oxen, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster and Dog are used in 
               the Chinese zodiac / 12-year cycle.

Bonus Questions: 

1. What significance does the list above have to do with dinosaurs?

2.  If organic matter was found in dinosaur bones, what would this be an indication of?

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