Creation Vs Evolution Quiz


Circle T for True or F for False.

1.   T  F   Evolution has been demonstrated in a laboratory on several occasions.

2.   T  F   Scientists have created one-celled (living) organisms from inorganic matter.

3.   T  F   Scientists can manufacture homochiralic proteins from inorganic matter.

4.   T  F   Most Americans believe that life began by natural processes -- all by itself and then evolved 
                without any help from an intelligent Creator / God.

5.   T  F   Radiometric dating methods are known to very often yield inaccurate dates.

6.   T  F   Most scientific evidence indicates that the earth is about 4.6 billion years old.

7.   T  F   The media has done a good job of covering both sides of the Creation / Evolution controversy?

8.   T  F   Jesus believed that Noah’s Ark and a worldwide flood actually took place.

9.   T  F   Evolution from one type of life into another type happens all the time. 

10. T  F   Wolves and coyotes are related to, and can breed with, dogs?

  Bonus Questions

1. Quote a Bible verse that says something about who the Creator is.  

2.  How many amino acids are used in the making of life-type proteins?   _______

3.  How many amino acids have scientists created in a single flask in a Laboratory?     

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