Cave Man Quiz

Circle T for True or F for False

1.  T  F   In 1908, a Neanderthal was found buried with (and wearing) a suit of chain-mail armor.

2.  T  F   Less than 100 years ago scientists found a (living) person who possessed virtually every 
               feature of a Neanderthal.

3.  T  F   Nebraska Man was once used to demonstrate that man evolved from  an ape.

4.  T  F   For over 40 years, Piltdown Man was used to demonstrate that man evolved from apes.

5.  T  F   Piltdown Man was a deliberate hoax that fooled over 500 anthropologists.

6.  T  F   The evidence for Nebraska Man was a single tooth from a pig.

7.   The Laetoli fossil footprints were, at one time, said to have been made by Lucy.  
What is Lucy's scientific name? ____________  __________

8.   The Laetoli footprints were probably made by _________ because they looked just
  like ________ footprints.

9.   Why donít scientists want to acknowledge # 8 above.

 Bonus Questions

1.  List the three  ďape-menĒ which were used in the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 to
     convince the media that man evolved from apes.

      A. __________________________

      B. __________________________

      C. __________________________

2.   What type of extant (i.e. living) monkey is able to walk upright ? ___________________

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