What's Wrong with Liberalism?

Freedom of Speech: If Liberals had their way, they would pass a so-called "fairness doctrine" and have it ONLY apply to Radio: as opposed to where it is most needed: TV.  See Dems consider fairness doctrine.  And while Obama says he is against it that doesn't mean he would veto it if it came to his desk.  Of more concern is that the Dems now want to give their leader something even BIGGER: i.e. our right to Free Speech via the Internet; sending email, etc.: ostensibly to protect us from hackers trying to break into Military web sites.  Click Here to see White Racist Tea Party protesters, and Here to see what the Dems are planning.

Abortion is both immoral and irresponsible: a so-called "right" to kill that is justified by calling "it" by "its" Latin name of "fetus" rather than what the word (fetus) actually means: i.e. "Little Child."  We also know that "it" is human, since THAT is what he or she always is when he or she comes out: whether Dead or Alive.  And it is a fact that Democratic leaders almost always "choose" to side with the "pro-choice" (to kill) crowd.  This is quite telling since they are almost always against shortening the life of convicted murderers and repeat murderers.  Others wonder why it is that their leader didn't abstain from casting another vote in favor of  tax-funded abortions, since he said that this issue was  "above (his) pay grade."  Or if he really wanted to reduce the number of abortions, then why did he try to eliminate funding for education programs that reduce out of wedlock and teen pregnancies?  Jesus said that you will know them by their fruits, as opposed to their words.

In this regard I favor a woman's choice of whom she has sex with, when she has sex, and whether or not she (or her man) uses a contraceptive, but when the baby is conceived, the right thing to do is to Keep the baby and raise it herself, or let her parents, grandparents, or relatives raise it, or put it up for Adoption.  Here's More.

School Choice: Liberals are almost always against parents having a choice in where their children attend school: unless they can Foot the WHOLE cost.  On the other hand, they are trying to shut down or destroy Christian schools and parents who home school their own children, and are more interested in maintaining the Department of Education's tax-funded monopoly on public schools -- at twice the price -- than they are in giving parents a choice, balancing State budgets or using the taxpayer's money wisely: for IF they allowed Vouchers and Parental Choice, then for every parent who opted their Child out of Public School, the taxpayers would  Save 50%  of the cost to educate that child.  Why the Dems don't want to save money is beyond me: other than that they like telling children what to think and don't care where the election Money comes from. See also Obama, Dems... kill school vouchers

Guns and Violence: Those who would outlaw gun ownership by law-abiding citizens are the same people who sit back and do NOTHING to stop the promotion and distribution of violence with Knives, Bombs, and Guns on TV and in movies and video games. Here's More.  See also Hollywood's Love-Hate Affair with Guns and 9th Circuit Judge can't see the connection.

Pornography: The Liberals oppose virtually any restrictions on Porn and its availability and appoint judges who want to loosen the restrictions already in place.  They also downplay, or deny the connection that porn plays in creating rapists, child molesters, and gay men.  Here's More.  See also The Effects of Pornography, and porn makes women less happy in relationships. 

Child Trafficking: Although this is not an exclusively Democrat or Republican issue, I place the blame for turning "Family Courts" into little more than Child Auction Services at the foot of the Democratic Party for the following reasons: 

1) The Violence Against Women Act (otherwise known as VAWA) was Joe Biden's "baby" (his words, not mine). For those who don't know, Biden is our current Vice President.  This bill has done more to break up and harm children and their (former would-be) parents than perhaps any other single piece of legislation ever passed by Congress.  See  I-VAWA: The Destruction of FamiliesFeminist Hysterics over VAWA Interview; Culture of False Allegations; GynObama & VAWA Joe.

2) What is going on in Europe is also going on here: Fathers are being forced out of their Children's lives and Replaced by Government programs.  So simply ask yourself which party is more responsible for endless social programs and Free Handouts?   See Boys lacking role models; Title IV-D Federal Funds and ZERO Accountability; and A Government Program is No Substitute for a Bear-Hug

3)  Psychologists and Therapists are VERY MUCH involved with our Courts: especially Family Courts: where parents and their children are often ordered to Go for Evaluations and all sorts of ($100 -- $300/hour) counseling and other "services."  And according to Bruce Wiseman -- author of Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal (pp. 13 and 48) -- 95% of psychologists are either atheists or agnostics: meaning that they either don't know, or don't believe that God exists.  So ask yourself: which political party do you think such 'non-believers' in future accountability would feel at home?

4) The Judge who took away my custody rights and told me to "get a job that pays more"  if ever I wanted to "visit" with my Daughter again was a BIG Democratic supporter.  This wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that the Lieyer who repeatedly slandered me also brought both my political and religious beliefs into the Courtroom, and I have since learned that about 85% of San Diego Judges are Democrats: meaning that about 85% of lawyers are also Democrats, or Liberals.   Here's More on what needs to be done.  See also Where Have all the Fathers Gone?

Contempt for Jesus and the Cross, yet "tolerance" and promotion of those who teach hatred.  See Brigitte Gabriel's videos, and the American Congress for Truth web site.  Here's More

The Gay Lifestyle: Forcing gay adoption and everyone to think well of, and/or promote, the homosexual lifestyle is NOT the function of government.  For everyone on Earth has BOTH a Mother and a Father: even if they are "NOT Welcome" anymore.  For that is the way that God made us, and what Mother Nature promotes.  See also Do Christians Hate? and Democrats set to endorse gay marriage.  Here's More.  

Creation vs Evolution: For many years the Democrats have promoted a theory that makes little sense: with the public's Money, as opposed to insisting that both sides be taught, or remaining neutral.  See Your Tax Dollars At Work Against GodThe Debate Debate and Evolution vs the People

Charitable Giving: The libtards who work in our banker-owned media would have you believe that the average Liberal gives more to charity than the average Republican; however, that is not the case. In fact, Arthur Brooks discovered that "religious conservatives" give over three times as much to charity as liberals.  See Who Really Cares, by Arthur Brooks.   See also, Who Gives More,  and who Gives more to Democrats.  This also explains why liberals are more Money-grubbing than conservatives ... and likely to say that "after good health, money is the most important thing," and (like mafia) that "there are no right or wrong ways to make money."  See # 270 of 365 ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy, by James Delingpole.

Government Mandated Healthcare: that clearly violates the 10th Amendment, and Didn’t reduce the Cost of services one iota, but guarantees that Doctors and Hospitals will be able to continue the same SCAM that they’ve been operating for many years: for example $3500.00 for a one-night stay in a Hospital (with no bed pan or I.V.) or $500-7000 for an emergency room visit.

Energy: Liberals are against drilling for oil in Alaska -- even though Alaskan's are for it -- and have stalled the development of technology to extract oil from shale.  Here's More. See also U.S. Senate blocks Alaska oil drilling plan.

The media tries to paint Conservatives, Republicans, and especially "Right Wing fundamentalist Christians"  in a bad light, and as prejudiced against African Americans: not realizing our own history with regard to this issue, and ignoring the fact that the Civil War was the Republicans of the North against the Democrats of  the South.  Must See Video on Who is Who. See also American History in Black & White by David Barton or one of the books from this site for more details.