Does Tolerance mean Loving All things?

Does tolerance mean saying YES to anything a salesman wants to sell?
Does it mean accepting expired Credit Cards as payment for purchases?
Does it mean leaving our values and common sense at the door of all public discourse?

Some people think that there are no absolute truths except for their beliefs, and that to have values or beliefs that differ from theirs must be motivated by hate.  With this in mind, let’s take a look at various groups of people to see how tolerant they are and how much harassment and criticism they receive from our liberally-biased -- if not Godless -- media.

Many,  if not most Communist countries are intolerant of copyright laws and mass-produce other people’s music, movies and computer software, while paying the owners nothing.  They also pay very little (or no) tariffs on many of the products that they export to the United States, and they receive very little criticism for doing so.  


Many atheists are intolerant of any criticism of their beliefs while trying to force theirs on everyone else by claiming that theirs are based on “science” as opposed to faith in the nature's power to create order, rather than what we actually observe: i.e. cause decay and break things down.  And our agenda-driven / God-and-Jesus-hating media accepts almost anything they say while censoring, and/or labeling any who disagree as "hatemongering," "religious," and/or "fundamentalists."

Some religions actually teach hatred, treat women like property, and have very little tolerance for Free Speech. And they receive very little criticism from our media. Christianity, on the other hand does not teach hatred but rather love -- even for one's enemies.

Hollywood promotes violence and even uses it for entertainment and profit, yet they receive very little, if any, criticism from our media for doing so: the same media that portrays guns and gun owners as evil. 1

It is hypocritical for the gay community and the mass media to berate and malign Christians as "hateful," "intolerant,"  etc. while ignoring the fact that Communist and Muslim countries have a "ZERO Tolerance" for their lifestyle.  In fact, the  media is so bigoted in this regard that they won't even mention, much less discuss the above facts.

Christians are taught to love their enemies and pray for them, yet our media labels them as hateful for accepting the fact that everyone has BOTH a Mother and a Father even if only a sperm-donor, that people can and do change,2, 3, 4, 5 and that Nature itself discriminates

Our media would have us believe that tolerance means agreeing with everything we hear, and/or that we must support and promote their Agenda of hate, and that anyone who doesn't approve of whatever they want to promote is somehow Intolerant.  Tolerance for other opinions is not the same as accepting all opinions as  equal.  People can be tolerant of others, yet not agree with them.  In this regard, many believe that the universe, the earth, and life itself was created by God.  If so then, this is an absolute truth: and one from which many other truths derive their source: such as moral values of right and wrong.  It also means that what God says on a certain subject is more important than what we, or anyone else, may think.

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