Hollywood's Love-Hate Relationship with Guns & Violence

Ever notice that when someone uses a gun to kill a family member, former lover, fellow student, co-worker, or neighborhood vigilante (even in self-defense), how the mass media jumps all over the story, talks about it on their Front Page, and National News, yet when law-abiding people use a gun to scare off, apprehend, or shoot someone who breaks into their home to do them harm, the same media virtually ignores all 764,000 incidences?

This by itself is enough to suspect that the Multi-Billionaire Fat-Cats who own the Media have an Agenda against gun ownership, but when you consider that these same Hollywood Fat-Cats have a love affair with guns, and promote their use in movie, after movie, and on TV in show after show, one can't help but wonder what their agenda actually is???????

What makes it even worse is the fact that Hollywood is full of people who outwardly seem to hate guns, and will do almost everything possible to restrict their private ownership, or outlaw them: while doing nothing to restrict the promotion of violence in TV, movies, and video games.

For those who don't know, study after study of violence in the media has demonstrated that violence in the media promotes violence in the real world.  For example, a study by Brandon Centerwall looked at the murder rates of white people in the United States, England, Canada, and South Africa, and found that there was a 7-8 year time lag between children who grow up watching violence on TV, and an increase in violence in the real world.  This time lag occurred in all four countries studied, and  took place in each country: seven to eight years after the introduction of television.  In the U.S., England, and Canada the increase took place in 1957-58: seven to eight years after TV was introduced in these three countries, while in South Africa the increase came in 1983: eight years after TV was allowed there.  Numerous other studies have concluded the same thing.

Such things make one wonder whether the People who own and operate Hollywood and the media have an Agenda against gun ownership by law-abiding people, or if they are insane, or simply want criminals to have the guns?   

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