Ann Coulter's New Book: GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism 


Ann Coulter has "Hit the Nail on the Head" with her new book.  I say that as a former liberal, who used to be a Democrat, and whose parents always voted Democratic -- simply because they believed that the Democrats were looking out for them, while the (evil and selfish) Republicans were not.  Then I came to see that I had been deceived, and that it was the Republican Party of the North that freed the slaves from the Democrats of the South, and that Democrats don't like the idea of God, judgment, right and wrong, nor of any absolutes (like the idea of being Created by a Creator who will one day hold us accountable for what we say and do), and so they almost never judge anyone or anything: except for Right-wing fundamentalist Christians who believe in right and wrong and that even gays and lesbians have BOTH a Mother and a Father.  This is why Democrats almost always take a path that allows for and promotes virtually every form of immoral behavior imaginable.

But in the process they also ignore the God who created them, and what He says about right and wrong, and who sent His Son to try to save us, and thus they fight against God.  This is the conclusion that I came to, little by little, after becoming a Christian and having my mind renewed by the Holy Spirit, who comes into the life of every believer, and by listening to and studying God's message to mankind (i.e. the Holy Scriptures). 

So what about Ann's new Book?  Well I am going to let it speak for itself, by quoting some of what she says: first concerning the Democratic Party and God, and then concerning the insanity of the (Liberal Dominated) Supreme Court during the 1950's 60's and 70's.  Let's let her speak.

The Democrats and God: 

"... At the beginning of the 2004 presidential campaign, the Democratic Leadership Council held briefings to teach Democratic candidates how to simulate a belief in God.  To ease the Druids into it, the DLC recommended using phrases like 'God's green earth.'  (The DLC also suggested avoiding the use of phrases such as 'goddamned, motherf--- Republicans!)  During the primaries, Howard Dean began goading the press to talk about religion but, after claiming that the Book of Job was his favorite book in the Bible, was unable to place it in the correct Testament.  Regular Talmudic scholars, these Democrats."

"Throughout the 2004 campaign, the Democrats were looking for a Democrat who believed in God -- a pursuit similar to a woman searching for a boyfriend in a room full of choreographers.  The religious outreach coordinator hired by the Democratic National Committee was Brenda Bartella Peterson, who had signed a brief to the Supreme Court advocating the removal of 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance.  Apparently, Madalyn Murray O'Hare was unavailable."

The Democrats and Criminals:

"At the outset of the Warren Court's campaign to outlaw criminal confessions, Justice Goldberg had proclaimed that confessions were not "reliable" -- a position he ascertained not from facts or evidence but  from a bald assertion about "the lesson of history" that "a system of criminal law enforcement which comes to depend on the 'confession' will, in the long run, be less reliable and more subject to abuses than a system which depends on extrinsic evidence independently secured through skillful investigation...."

"If it were reliability the Court was worried about, the confession in Brewer v. Williams (1977) should have warmed their hearts.  In Brewer, a suspected child-murderer, Robert Williams, voluntarily led the police to the body of his murder victim.  That's about as reliable as it gets.  Williams was being driven in a police car from Davenport, Iowa, where he was apprehended, back to Des Moines, where a little girl, ten-year-old Pamela Powers, had been abducted.  Before setting out on the trip, Williams had been warned by three policemen and two lawyers that he had a right not to talk to the police during the drive -- pursuant to the full-dress idiocy required by the Supreme Court."

Coulter then goes on to describe how  (during the drive) one of the officers appealed to the common decency and that the child's body was about to be buried by snow, and that her parents "should be entitled to a Christian burial..."   Then, about an hour later, under no other compulsion than his own conscience -- Williams told the police where the body was buried.  Coulter continues:

"But the Supreme Court ruled the detective's magnificent 'Christian burial speech' unconstitutional and excluded all evidence that resulted from it, including the rather crucial fact that Williams had led the police to the girl's body."

The bottom line is that I cannot speak highly enough of Ann's new book.  It is full of common sense and lots of liberal policies that should have been exposed long ago, and abandoned: including the teaching of evolution in public schools, and which Ann spends three chapters on.

Great job Ann, you are a modern day Joan of Arc.

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