Politically Incorrect


To be Politically Incorrect is simply to disagree with the Mainstream Media about an issue that they are afraid to report on in a fair and unbiased manner (without leaving out pertinent details or facts), or in many cases, to report on at all.

The Following have to do with Issues that are Political Hot-Buttons that are almost always distorted by the Mainstream Media: the same people who distort most of what they "report" on when dealing with Political or Religious topics.  They do this by ignoring stories that would otherwise expose their (Liberal and godless) Agenda, and by leaving out all sorts of pertinent details: like almost all critical comments having to do with  the unfounded and unscientific theory of evolution and the (supposedly old) Age of the Earth.  In other words, by "spinning the truth" so that it appears to be what they WANT it to be: even if it's based entirely on faith, or boldfaced lies: Because their AGENDA is more important to them than truth.  They have also brainwashed a large percentage of the public into believing that only their agenda and morals (or lack of them) should be legalized, and by grossly distorting the things that our Founding Fathers believed, taught, and practiced for over 200 years: things that any honest third-grader can comprehend if he or she were simply told the facts.

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Here's Another Example of how the Mass Media
regularly twists the truth to fit their own Agenda


See also this Story about
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
Allowing Prayers to Allah in Public Schools
This is the same court that declared the words "under God" Unconstitutional in our Pledge of Allegiance.
In other words: These Judges are a bunch of Hypocrites.
This is also the court that has about 50% of their cases overturned by the Supreme Court.

This story is another example of Media Bias, since the Mass Media virtually Ignored it. 

Here's more on what this is about 
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California Senate adopts Bill Demanding that the Homosexual Agenda be Taught in Public Schools