Fox News: 
Far Out in Left Field on Creation vs. Evolution

Fox News is the only News Station that I watch, and the only one I have much respect for -- as they are, for the most part, unbiased and toward Conservative causes.  Plus the fact that I have respect for Bill O'Reilly and Shawn Hannity.

However, when it comes to exposing the preposterous Lies of  evolutionary thought, or highly questionable Old Earth beliefs, or the Radiometric Dating scam that has been used, over and over and over again to try to brainwash the public, Fox News has dropped the Ball.  

For not once have I seen them interview even One well-known creation scientist, or give Creationists any of their airtime.  Nor to my knowledge, have they made anything more than a passing attempt to expose the facts that are openly discussed on this site, and numerous similar (and more Professional) Sites that are all over the Internet.  

Nor has Fox News made any attempt to sponsor a (Nationally Televised) Open Debate between Evolutionist-believing "scientists" and Creation scientists: I.E. Scientists who are willing and honest enough to admit the Overwhelming Evidences for God that are (literally) staring us all in the face, and who have a personal relationship with the Creator Himself.

In fact, when it comes to the issue of Creation vs. Evolution, FOX News is so far out in Left Field that anyone who claims they are "Conservative" or "Right Wing" on this issue is either ignorant of their own web page, or lying about it.

Don't believe me?  Then check it out for yourself, and note that their "Science" page has an Evolution and Paleontology page that is loaded with evolutionist propaganda articles and Links to other "pro-evolution" sites, but not a word about the truth of Creation: that real science has all but already PROVEN to be true.